Werewolves. Were,the greek word for "man" and Wolf, the uh english for "Wolf". Werewolves are a prominent figure in Horror, despite there being only a handful of Not-complete-crap movies about them.

Human flesh is the leading cause of  gingivitus in canines.

A typical teen during puberty.

Just The Facts

  1. Werewolves have featured in every medium.
  2. The Curse of the Werewolf is passed on when one is bitten by the Werewolf.Kinky.
  3. A Werewolf can only be killed by decapitation or a silver bullet to the heart.

Notable (Ok) Werewolf film's.


Tells the story of two American's backpacking across england, who are attacked by a Werewolf!!!! (Oh no!) What follows is a comedy about Werewolves so it at least has an excuse to be laughed at.


Men,Woods,Doggie,its all starting to sound like Brokeback Mountain.

DS shows a team of six British regular army grunts on a training misssion in the Scottish highlands, (Because that's were all the cool armies train) They run into Werewolves. (At this point in time i think it's safe to say, when it comes to Werewolves Britain is Fucked) What follows is a lot of screaming, shooting and all round-badassery. seriously the team's captain won't fucking die!!!


Wolf combines the two coolest thing in movies. Werewolves and Jack Nicholson. Jack plays Himself and uses being bit by a Werewolf to Fuck shit up. He starts by killing a deer with his bare hands then gets his job back from asshole James Spader and to finish it off he bones Michelle phiffer. Who(SPOILER!!!!)is a Werewolf too. Doggie-style all the time!!!!


The plot of Underworld isn't important, This is what's important.



And this

Future Werewolf films.

The Wolfman.

A remake of the 1941 classic. it stars Benico Del (kinda-already-looks-like-a-wolf) Toro as the title character and Anthony Hopkins as his crackpot father. Hugo Weaving as Detective Aberline, who no-doubt will be an evil guy of some sort.just look at that beard.


and Emily Blunt,who will no doubt a damsel-in-distress of some sort, just look at those breasts,

The Wolfman looks like it will finally give Werewolves a decent movie, that is until New Moon gays them up like it did Vampires.

Oh Fuck.