Death Note

A Shinigami drops his Death Note in the human world, which is found by Yagami Light. Light decides to cleanse the world of criminals; this attracts the attention of L, the greatest detective in the world. A cat and mouse game ensues.

Nightmare fuel.

Just The Facts

  1. Handcuffs are canon. Seriously.
  2. Shinigami are never to be trusted.
  3. Everything will go as planned.
  4. L do you know
  5. Gods of Death
  6. Love Apples?

An Owner's Guide To Owning A Shinigami/Death Note

Congratulations on finding your very own Death Note!

No doubt you have, hopefully after having read the rules, met the original owner of this note. This monstrous creature is known as a Shinigami and though they are not very popular pets, they are definetly the most unusal. Because of your Shinigami's inhuman looking feature, you may be worried about taking them out of the house, but have no fear! Only a person who has touched the Death Note will be able to see your Shinigami.

Though they are technically dead, all Shingami have a particular craving; whether it be apples, chocolate or even cigarettes, it would be wise to induldge in your Shinigami's cravings. Without the desired item, Shinigami have been known to twist themselves inside out!