Con Artist

test (me making shit up) have confirmed thatn you will be conned once in your life to buy someone cocaine, even if your conning yourself due to bad acid. trust me

hollywoods version of a con artist

real life con artist

the way we WISH con artists worked

Just The Facts

  1. they are usually depicted as suave handsome men wearing expensive suits, and able to make an act believable with a moments notice
  2. they are usually see through idiots who's stories would fall apart if exposed to the smallest fact.
  3. there is a new tv show white collar about a, you guessed it, handsome man who wears expensive shirts and is able to sell acts at the drop of a hat


This has happened to everyone. You see 2 men walk up to a guy and they are carrying a huge check. They tell the guy that he just won the lottery, and BAM he has a heart attack. you walk up and say "ILL TAKE IT" but they say "the processing fee is 2000 dollars." you pay the money, get the check, then realize you have been duped. this hasn't happened to anyone? forget it.

White collar

its ok, its good, but its not realistic, but you know what is a con? 2012. people actually believe that B.S


people go "you just hated it because you wouldn't be able to survive 2012"

over 5 billion people die from green screen attacks every year