Louis Pasteur

he invented the way to ferment beer, he figured out a fuck you theory to aristotle, he created vaccinations. he's such a a badass he did your great grandma to fuck with you right now

the original bong

Just The Facts

  1. he saved beer
  2. he invented a basic bong to prove somthing
  3. he killed chickens for fun
  4. saved everyone in the world

our saviour

some time ages ago beer was in trouble of sucking cause it didn't ferment. know if you're like me you fucking shat it when you heard yeast was alive. turned out that mr pasteur figured that shit out quick and told beer makers what was going down. for those interested yeast makes alcohol out of stuff in potatoes. thusly he single handedly saved beer from the grasp of what i assume to be aliens

i assume somthing like this

Louis Was A Drugie

he invented this to prove things didn't appear from nothing

seriously Louis WTF

that is the lowest reason to get high i've ever heard


in his old age louis spent his time killing chickens cholera. after a 2 week absence he came back to kill more chickens but the old cholera didn't work. (i read this in 3 different books(yeah i read books fuck you)) VERY DISSAPOINTED loius got more cholera to kill the chickens but it only killed the ones that hadn't been injected with the old cholera. thusly he discovered a way to create vaccinations

lets review: for no apparant reason he was killing chickens then it didn't work and he was sad but tried again and accidently saved the world from a shitload of other diseases

i don't know why your mouth is open