Fan Fiction

When you read books, you'll get to a part that you'll just say "WTF?!". Usually, those with hearts of steel will just move on with their lives and care less. Then, there are the ones who just won't. &&

Can't handle the truth.

Just The Facts

  1. Fan fiction will always start, end or feature a sex scene. Period.
  2. Most sex scenes will always feature the same sex.
  3. Fan fiction will have contact with reality and real life referrences.
  4. No sex scenes, means no rule of 34. (And we all know rule 34 exist.)

Wizards,Wands and Flying Dildos.

Here's how it goes: You finish watching Harry Potter and you feel a bit of magic inside of yourself. So you surf the nearest website that publishes fan fics and with great enthusiasm, you click on the first Harry Potter fan fic you find.

And Lo and behold, there's a sex scene between Dobby and Ron. At first, you think maybe "Is this a parody? Hmm, maybe I should take a look.." before you suddenly realize that Ron is seriously stuffing his pole in Dobby's holies of holies.

Sure, some of you will say " Most fan fics are about love! " or " That's BS!". Here's two things you got wrong.

1) Love, is a confused concept. A masochist (or whatever) considers slaps as tokens of affections/love.

2)It's Fan Fic. The moment you read the word "FAN" you know you should expect some BS'ness.

I'm not saying Fan Fic sucks, but most of them do.

Really, I'm not lying. Most fan fics either fail at catching the attention of the readers. Some, just put too much detail on the words that it just confuses the reader. The point of a fan fic is to make it better than the original or more entertaining for the readers too enjoy.

Usually, this can be achieved by a) Parodying of said literature. b) Creating a solid story with great characters,epic climax scenes with a steady pace.

As you can see though, most are just "spur of the moment" and "Feeling it" moments.