Hogan's Heroes

Hogans Heros is a heroic tale of a rag tag bunch of Allied P.O.W.s who had been shot down and captured during the Second World War. the show ran for nearly 7 years and is one of the most prolific examples of WWII POW life in sitcom form.

This is what most ex-POWs end up doing.

Just The Facts

  1. All the Main German Charcters were Jews.
  2. The Fraulines were deffently rooting for the worng team.

Hogans Heros!!!

Hogans Heros showed that when you take a bunch of rag tag Pow's, put them in a camp with the Gustopo's F-Team you get instent gold. Staring Bob Crane, Werner Klemperer, and introducing Richard Dawson to America, the show was quite a hit although being voted the 5th worst T.V. sho in history by T.V. Guide. it has also been critized for making light of real Pow camps during WW2. however most sane people relize that it was only a tv show and so generaly dont look for its historical accuracy.

the show fetured Col. Klink and his Sargent at arms Shultz constently being out smarted by a bunch of POWs. Shultz is incredably incompotent. he constantly looks the other way and often Screams "I know nothing! Nothing!" Shultz is a rahter large and docile person who had been forced into the army.

interestingly, all of the german actors were Jews and who either escaped to america and fought against the Nazis, or spent time in concentration camps. asked about this Werner Klemperer(Klink) reportedly  said "Who can play Nazis better than us Jews?"

in short, Hogans Heros was a historicaly inaccurate but incredibly popular show.

it should be noted that shortly after the show ended Bob Crane was murdered.it shuld also be noted that who ever murdered him fapped on him after he died...odd little tid bit.