Ali Larter

Ali Larter is a television and film actress. She is best known for characters that are insane and/or hate wearing clothes...

Just The Facts

  1. Married to actor Hayes McArthur
  2. Played three different characters on "Heroes"
  3. The whipped cream in "Varsity Blues" is actually shaving cream.

Cracked on Ali Larter

Alison Elizabeth Larter was born February 28, 1976 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. She started modeling as a teenager, and played small roles in TV shows such as "Suddenly Susan", "Chicago Hope" and "Dawson's Creek".

In 1999, Larter appeared with her "Dawson" co-star James VanDerBeek in the football flick "Varsity Blues", which features the much-parodied "whipped cream" scene. She appeared in bit roles in movies like "Drive Me Crazy" and "Legally Blonde". Her first starring vehicle was "Final Destination", where a series of near-death experiences caused her to fall in love with this guy:


After appearing in such movies as "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", "Final Destination 2" and "Resident Evil: Extinction", Larter returned to TV in the popular show "Heroes", where she played a woman with split personalities.

Throughout her career, Larter has specialized in playing women who are batshit crazy. In addition to schizo Nikki/Jessica Sanders on "Heroes", Larter played a girl who thinks Death is out to get her ("Final Destination 1 & 2"), an accused murderer ("Legally Blonde"), an office temp who stalks her boss ("Obsessed"), and a cheerleader who thinks James VanDerBeek is a both football player and someone worth having sex with.

Ali Larter is also apparently willing to grant any man's desire. In addition to wearing whipped cream, she's allowed herself to be filmed stripping ("Heroes"), had sex on a running washing machine (also "Varsity Blues", but with Paul Walker instead of James VanDerBeek), had a catfight with another woman ("Obsessed"), and fucking blew up zombies ("Resident Evil"). All that's missing is a little anal...oh, wait...