Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs is a shill for who fear that President Obama is a mole for Al Queda, a Muslim and not an American.

How he wants to be seen.

How he is seen

His outlook politically.

Just The Facts

  1. He's delusional about President Obama's citizenship.
  2. Has no clue how to do his own research or verify anything.
  3. Liar

Lou Dobbs has issues.

Lou Dobbs ran the story of US reservist Stefan Cook, who refused to go to do his duty in Afghanistan solely on the lie that President Obama isn't a US citizen. Notice to hide his view, Dobbs framed the beginning of the story: He says new questions are being raised about Obama's citizenship.

And what might they be Lou? Seriously. They're the same bullshit questions that keep coming up; but worded differently each time so as to appear new. Kind of like when President Bush said "Read my lips. No New Taxes!" This line of thought worked as well back then as it does now. Ease off the Prozac Lou.

Cook's lawyer, Orly Taitz even went as far as creating a Kenyan Document. One that was so badly done my four-year old nephew could do a better Photoshop job. First this "Lawyer" wasn't aware that the year Obama was born, Kenya was a province of Britain and all Birth Certificates back then would have had that info on it - the one she produced did not.

Oh, it then turns out the document used to forge the "Obama Birth Certificate" was actually one from Australia and the man is still alive. Nice research Lou; it's too bad you have no clue how to verify the information coming to you and I'm sure he'll blame an intern or assistant.

After weeks of giving these nut jobs a platform, Lou Dobbs is desperate to salvage the tattered shreds of his credibility on claiming that, "Well I was just reporting objectively on the "birther" controversy. It's not my fault that I never challenged them on the issue."

Lou, grow the fuck up and shut up. You've done nothing but spew propaganda on this issue even though there is actual proof that President Obama is a citizen of the U.S. and has produced all the proof necessary to run for the office of President.

Besides, both Lou and the hordes of "Birthers" never once raised this issue when Obama ran for the U.S. Senate. And if Obama were not a citizen, why did both McCain and Clinton remain silent? Clinton is as power hungry as most blood-thirsty politicians and she would have brought this up. But hey, keep asking the question with no proof.

Lou tried to defend his propaganda by saying "…well I've repeatedly stated that President Obama is a citizen of the United States. My question is simply why not provide the long form birth certificate and end all of the discussion."

Lou!? Pay attention. He has. Stop giving these idiots a platform and please take your medication. But he'd rather blame the "Liberal" Media as the ones pushing this down the throats of Americans.

Lou, stop it already. You're either a liar, senile, or fucking stupid. I'd call you a retard; but that would be an insult to retards - they're smarter than you.