Gary Busey

Gary Busey is an actor, musician, comedian, magician and guru who has spent the last three decades becoming a key component of the American cultural landscape. He is best known for slowly going bat-shit fucking crazy before our eyes during that time.

Gary Busey, relaxing at home.

Just The Facts

  1. Gary Busey was in a movie about Buddy Holly, which got him an Oscar Nomination. He was also in Point Break and Black Sheep, which did not.
  2. Busey was in a horrible motorcycle accident that may have caused brain damage. This makes him almost exactly like Bob Dylan.
  3. On the short-lived Comedy Central show "I'm With Busey," Gary Busey pointed out to his young disciple that "Fear is the dark room where the devil develops his negatives." If anybody had watched the show, perhaps a generation of goth kids would love Busey instead of the Cure.

The Buse

Gary Busey, or "The Buse" as nobody calls him (yet!), has been in some of the most important films of our time, including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Lethal Weapon, and The Gingerdead Man. He was also in The Buddy Holly Story, which is about some guy who is like Rivers Cuomo except nerdier because it was the 50's.

He dies at the end. Whoops!

To our generation, however, he will forever be known as the guy who tells the governor of Washington to "hold your tounge, wench" in Black Sheep and allows Patrick Swayze to get away in Point Break by forcing Neo to go get him two delicious meatball sandwhiches, which made that movie a half-hour longer (that skydiving scene is x-treme!).

Busey vs. Nolte

Our parents and other idiots often confuse Gary Busey with another fucking crazy person named Nick Nolte. This confusion is so widespread that the first two results of a Google image search for "Gary Busey mugshot" are this picture:

Not Gary Busey.

In fact, there is no mugshot of Busey online because one does not exist. Gary Busey is crazy as fuck but harmless, unlike Nick Nolte who is crazy as fuck and also a drunk.

Just to be clear, Nick Nolte was in 48 Hours, where he was upstaged by Eddie Murphy. Gary Busey was in Rookie of the Year, where he was upstaged by that whiny bitch who fucks Tara Reid in American Pie. Back when that kid was 12.

Dude, Rookie of the Year was sweet. Look at that moustache.

You think they would have let Nick Nolte in that movie? He would have run down Daniel Stern in his car then gone and raped Henry's softball-playing mom. That's not family comedy. That's Nick Nolte being an asshole.

Just so we're all clear on this: Nolte is a crazy douche bag, while Busey is the fun kind of crazy person you would totally leave your young kids with.