Blue Oyster Cult

If you've ever felt a lack of fear for the Angel of Death, you can thank Blue Oyster Cult; a band that in 42 years has produced 3 hits (that's a .071 avg in baseball terms).

The band's fourth album.  Also the first album cover in color. Also the first album with a hit song.

Just The Facts

  1. First band to add a meaningless umlaut to a letter in their name.
  2. First band to enjoy "anonymous fame" due to different members singing lead, playing different styles.
  3. Were not managed by Christopher Walken at any point in their career.

Why are they famous?

Don't Fear the Reaper, the first hit single from the above album Agents of Fortune (1976). In addition to penning "Don't Fear the Reaper", "Burning For You" (which sounds more like the Steve Miller Band) and "Godzilla", Blue Oyster Cult apparently set the bar for acts like Black Oak Arkansas and Guns N' Roses for longest surviving act with the most former band members; three-fifths of the lineup has changed since 1967, which amounts to a little over one non-founding member being replaced every year for the last 42 years.

Pictured: Blue Ink Oyster Cult

Why are they still here?

The Blue Oyster Cult seems to be one step above a one-hit-wonder, which is strangely enough "a one-hit-wonder three times". Even The Knack still plays My Sharona. Still, "Don't Fear the Reaper" continues to be spun on countless rock stations across the United States, and "Godzilla" has been featured in two editions of Guitar Hero. Their current 2009 tour schedule takes them through the fair/festival circuit with Alice Cooper, Foghat, and Steppenwolf. Well, maybe it's no more "Mr. Nice Guy", but we'll take a Slow/Magic Carpet Ride anyday, as long as there's more cowbell.

You could go with this, or you could go with more cowbell.