Cannabis was invented 1000,000 years ago when the major Hostess , Frito Lay , and White Castle went back in time in order to boost sales.

The reason most of cracked smokes cannabis.

What would happen if cannabis were legalized.

Cannabis is the reason doritos is still in buisness.

Just The Facts

  1. Cannabis is less deadly than alcohol .
  2. So much tax money could be saved and so many crimes could be prevented if it were legalized.
  3. The snack food companies want it legalized.


Cannabis is illegal in the United States . The most harmful effect of cannabis would probably be Obesity caused by the munchies. The side effects of Canabis are the urge to light a pickle , inssatisfiable hunger and starting a relationship with your family lamp that you call Glenda . There are of course other options on the market instead of cannabis . They dont get you high weed is illeagal because it gets you high . Weed without the high is like trying to to drive a boat on dry land ( Which by the way you would only do while high.)