Mount Fuji

At 12,388 feet high Mount Fuji is by far the highest mountain in Japan. It can be seen in the background of the Atari classic "Pole Position"

It's all like

Just The Facts

  1. You can buy beer as you climb mount fuji
  2. The "correct" way to climb Mount Fuji is to do so at night so that you may arrive at the top at sunrise. Or you could climb in the day when it's possible to goddamn see, then view the sunset.
  3. If you can see Mount Fuji and you have a camera, you must take a picture.

about climbing fuji

Mount Fuji is considered sacred in Japan and everyone is expected to climb it at least once. However people who climb it twice are refered to as fools. Actually people who bother to climb it once are also sometimes refered to as fools.

There are shops, resturants and very low end hotels along the way, so it might be a bit generous to call it true mountain climbing.