Approaching Women

There are many do's and do not's to approaching women. Partaking in the "do's" and avoiding the "do not’s'" will not only help you win the woman of your dreams (for the night), they will also prevent you from looking like a total ass.

But they do hit ON women

Avoid this type-- trying way too hard and probably looking for their

Easiest type of woman to approach. You can say (or do) whatever you want and she'll be so drunk out of her mind, nothing will phase her.

Just The Facts

  1. Women like confidence in a man, but if she is going to laugh once your pants drop, then there isn't much to be confident about.
  2. Half the population in the United States is female, which gives you more than enough chances to look like a jackass. Statistically, there will be a girl who just can't say "no."
  3. Let's face it, if talking is your weak point, then you're going to be sitting in the corner of every party you ever go to, alone (unless you immediately purchase how-to books and Google your nads off in search of advice to become a better, more suave version of You). You'll be "that" guy. The virgin


Pretend to be confident, even if you're not
The easiest way to do this is walking up to her and saying something straightforward to show you're obviously interested. Pussy-footing around this will come off as a sign that you lack confidence and no skills in the sack. The most you'll get from her is the roll of the eyes or her fat, ugly, or socially awkward friend.

She's the Eagle. You, the pussy.
Lie to her
Everyone likes to be lied to. Yeah, so she's a cow or really needs a paper bag over her face (a.k.a-a butter face). You don't need to tell her that. Always divert the conversation when put on the spot. Change topics or just move on to the next girl. White lies put smiles on women's (as well as men's) faces. You want a happy cow, not a raging bull.

Do you really want this in your face?

Have something to talk about. If you can make her laugh with you and not at you, then you'll be lucky enough to score a number. The worst idea ever is to put her in the position of keeping the conversation rolling after approaching her. Let her talk about herself, ask questions, be attentive and responsive. Talking too much will also be a problem. Who wants to hear someone only talk about themselves?

Oh yeah, him.

Flirt and Make Eye Contact
If you can flirt without creeping the woman out, then swing away. If this action only produces tears, anger, or uncomfortable gestures, then nix the whole thing. Eye contact (not gawking) is crucial to connecting with someone or knowing she's completely not into you, and in that case, find yourself another lady friend who doesn't mind staring into those glazed-over eyes of yours.
If you're a failure at flirting or even making eye contact, then start dating a Helen-Keller-a-like. She won't notice a thing.

See, or, uh..

Do Not's

Pretend to be someone you're not
We know you're not rich, an actor, a porn star, have an enormous weiner, or whatever your buddies told you to tell the woman you're hitting on. There are many gullible women out there, but hopefully one of her friends will know you're a dirty liar and soon kick your ass on out of there. That or she'll soon find out you were lying, after the sex of course, (when you start telling each other about yourselves) and maybe you'll find out about the raging case of crabs she has. Karma's a bitch.

All fun and games until someone catches them.

Use a line
A pick-up line is the same as a dirty condom. It's there and available, but who would even think about using it? Unless all the blood and oxygen in your brain is running elsewhere, never use a pick-up line. You'll get laughed at, pointed to, and hopefully humiliated. The only men who can even think about using one of those lines are the ones that can look at a woman and her clothes will magically disappear.
Melts clothes, hearts, and in your mouth.
Stare/gawk at her boobs or mouth
Nothing will turn her off more if she knows you're staring at her boobs while she's talking or imagining your dick in her mouth. You certainly will not get her number and definitely will be jacking off alone when you get home. There will be plenty of time to ogle and play with them if you two ever find yourselves in her bed, your bed, a public restroom, or the back of a car. But for the time being, until you get her shirt off, look at her eyes and pay attention to what she has to say.
This will never work.
Convincing yourself she's "out of your league"
Okay, so she probably is, but that shouldn't bring you down. What's the worst that could happen? She tells you she would never date you, even if you were the last man on Earth. You're ugly, fat, and probably have a small penis.I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time anyways. What do you do now? Drink yourself to the point where you pass out at the bar, drooling over your arm? No. You move on to the next lady, so you don't spend another night alone with a bottle of lotion or a dirty sock.

Or end up like "this" guy.