Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Bros is a platforming video game series developed by Nintendo. In the Super Mario Bros, the titular character, Mario, seeks to rescue the Princess from Bowser, the king of the Koopas. In the process, he usually ends up breaking bricks,

Just The Facts

  1. Random blocks covered in ?'s will be filled with anything from coins, mushrooms with faces that will flee for their lives, flowers that result in flaming diarrhea when consumed, or flashing stars that will cause the most ridiculous acid trips ever.
  2. Blazing hot lava is apparently sufficient enough to defeat a fire breathing turtle, but not to kill the bastard.
  3. The Princess is in another castle.

History of the series

The Super Mario Bros. series began back in 1981. Not with a Mario game, but with Shigeru Miyamoto's arcade game Donkey Kong.

The first stage of Donkey Kong as that bastard monkey throws barrels at you.

Donkey Kong featured the character of Jumpman, a carpenter who for some ungodly reason had a massive pet gorilla. When the gorilla got pissed and broke free from its cage, it kidnapped Jumpman's girlfriend and began climbing a crappy tower at a construction site with her. The player controlled Jumpman as you ascended the tower, jumping over barrels and oil drums, avoiding fire, smashing shit with a hammer, and collecting his lazy girlfriend's things that she managed to drop while the giant ape carried her up the tower. At the end of four stages, the player was awarded with Donkey Kong falling to the ground while a crappy heart appeared between Jumpman and his girl. After that, the game immediately restarted itself, giving you the exact same four levels again, only harder. It repeated that cycle until finally the game became so hard that Jumpman would die for no reason whatsoever within seconds of beginning to play.

The next appearance of Jumpman had his occupation changed from carpenter to plumber and gave him the name Mario in 1983's Mario Bros.

As you can see, Luigi used to be short and fat too. Mostly because someone at Nintendo was lazy.

This game introduced several common features of the series including pipes, collecting coins, and Mario's brother Luigi. This game had the characters in the sewers beneath New York City, killing strange creatures that had been appearing there. To be honest, the game sucked. It was boring and just the same shit over and over again with you killing this turtle or this crab until eventually one of a different color appeared as a level boss and then messed that guy's shit up before continuing on about your business. It got old quick.

Finally, in 1983 came the release of Super Mario Bros.

So amazing, I'm not even going to post screenshots of the game. When you see this cover, you're statistically guaranteed to remember the entire game.

This game was the first linear Super Mario game and brought about the basic plot of "Bowser kidnaps the Princess; Mario saves the bitch". This game was filled with fun glitches and fairly remarkable music for an 8-bit game. Jumping on enemies, breaking blocks, collecting coins, and gaining power-ups were all established in this game. Not only is it the second best-selling game of all time, it probably had a large part in raising the majority of people reading this right now.

Staples of the Game

Although some things have changed with time, the game maintains a variety of staples. The first of these is jumping. When his original name was Jumpman, it's kind of expected for the guy to jump around. Mario uses this as his primary weapon and in later games to overcome obstacles with a vast number of different jumps that he's capable of performing. Also, blocks, especially ? blocks appear in almost every game, serving Mario with coins and power-ups whenever he strikes the blocks from below. As stated above, another common thing across the entire series is a storyline that involves Princess Peach being held captive by Bowser in some way while Mario must take time out of his day to go save her. Since the introduction of Super Mario Bros, coins have played a role in the games as something to strive to obtain. Collecting one hundred usually results in gaining an extra life or in the some of the 3D games, a star. Every now and then, the player gets lucky and the partially retarded dinosaur steed Yoshi appears in a game to be ridden and sacrificed at some point by jumping off the creature's back to reach a higher obstacle. Another major staple of the series is the presence of power-ups. From Super Mario's Super Mushrooms to Super Mario Sunshine's various FLUDD nozzles, every game has something to offer to make Mario better than he already is.

Awesome picture made by my friend specifically for your enjoyment.

Legacy and Future of the Series

As time has gone on, the Super Mario Bros games have changed from simply jumping one's way through linear levels. The first change to this was in Super Mario Bros 3 when the overworld map was introduced, which gave players the chance to choose what paths they would take and which levels they would and would not complete. Then, with Super Mario 64, the collection concept came into play with the introduction of the power stars, which had to be collected to progress. Stars were awarded by solving tasks, defeating enemies or sometimes just by showing up for work on time. They allowed for more choices on how to play the game, since to complete the normal story the player usually only needs around 50 or so stars while there are a total of 120. The series is so incredible and influential that it's spawned countless numbers of ports, remakes, rereleases, and copycats; not to mention the immense number of fan-made products such as numerous flash games and projects like I, Mario. Super Mario Bros has had a movie, television shows, board games, toys, candy, pretty much anything that you can think of that could have a reference to Mario plastered on it, has Mario plastered on it. He's a cultural icon and is the most easily recognizable video game character ever, not to mention Nintendo's maschot.

I'm not sure what the deal with the graffiti is, but this is how much people love Mario.

As things continue for the series with the soon to be released New Super Mario Bros Wii and then Super Mario Galaxy 2, we can really only speculate how the series will change in the future. However it may be altered, we can almost guarantee that it will remain amazing.

These are the shinnanigans to look forward to in The New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Yoshi returns in Super Mario Galaxy 2, this time with power-ups of his own. See? Didn't I tell you power-ups were awesome?