Michael Mann

Michael Mann is an American director known for sleek, realistic films.

Pictured: this article's raison d'etre, quite possibly about to tear out Michael Bay's throat.

Just The Facts

  1. Michael Mann has directed ten films, two TV movies, and acted as executive producer for Miami Vice.
  2. Often employs technical and psychological realism in his works.
  3. Is the only director who can stop post-Scent of a Woman Al Pacino from shouting every forty-three seconds.

The Mann, The Myth, The Movies

In 1995, Michael Mann directed Heat. While this seems a simple fact, meaningless fact, Mann ushered in an era of criminal and ballistic realism in film... well, maybe not. It seems he remains the only director to not depict his characters flying through the air and wielding akimbo pistols, but the mere fact that his movies exist allows for some respite in the cinematic sea of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer.