Why Working In Strip Clubs Is Like Working In A Pre School

To most people, this may seem like polar opposites. But hey, what else is a 5 year old thinking about in preschool?

Solving the job critis

Just The Facts

  1. Strip Clubs have been around since the turn of the century in America. Ironically, preschools have been here for roughly the same time.
  2. Beautiful girls who are friendly to their audience tend to get paid better.
  3. It's always best not to have sex on the job.

Cracked on Books and Boobies

Preschools and Strip Clubs go together like oil and water...they don't mix well at all. However, the never ending cycle of kids being adults and adults being kids has never been so apparent. When these little buggers are young, all they can think about is being an adult. So, the teachers show them the way to mature, by the clever use of picture books and playdough.

And the chicks dig the playdough.

When they grow up, they start drolling and begging like they were 5 years old again. Thus, the cycle continues as they now beg for the attention of girls. They howl, bark, whistle, and ask for those girls like the playdough they once held. While still playing roughly $80 an hour.

oh my
"Girls are a bit lacking today, Larry." "Don't worry, I've made arrangements."