Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow is an American actress and compulsive child hoarder. She has 15 children and currently resides in New York. In a shoe. She is also among the many celebrity activists ("Celebrivists") to be really pissed off about Africa or somewhere.

Mia Farrow at home not knowing what to do.

Just The Facts

  1. Married Frank Sinatra (not junior, the dad) when she was 21 and he was 50.
  2. When she was 25 she married 41 year old musician Andre Previn by stealing him from his old wife.
  3. At age 47 she was appalled when her 22 year-old daughter stole her 56 year-old boyfriend.
  4. Probably has a very short memory and no sense of irony.

"Yours, Mine, Ours & Anyone Else's"

After her 2-year marriage to Frank Sinatra (a close friend of her parents who knew Mia since she was a small child), Mia and her sister Prudence (of the song "Dear Prudence") chilled out in India with people like the Beatles, Donovan and Beach Boys member Mike Love. Inspired by her time there (and probably a little stoned) she returned to the States and seduced musician Andre Previn away from his singer/songwriter wife. Dory Previn then had a nervous breakdown and while in a mental hospital wrote a song about Farrow titled "Beware of Young Girls." Farrow and Previn wed and over the next nine years had three children and adopted three more. Then she divorced Previn and hooked up with Woody Allen. She and Allen adopted two kids and had one of their own. Following her break-up with Allen she has adopted six more children. For some people it's Hummel figurines, others hoard Beenie Babies, for Farrow it's children.

Are you ready for some irony?

In 1992 Dory Previn probably had a good chuckle when Farrow, aged 47, discovered that her 22 year-old daughter Soon-Yi Previn was having an affair with her non-live in domestic partner Woody Allen and promptly threw her daughter out of the shoe. In retrospect Mia probably should've heeded Dory Previn's warning to "Beware of Young Girls." Farrow and Allen had some tumultuous custody battles during which she accused Allen of abusing their seven year old daughter. A doctor who examined the girl determined that she wasn't a victim of abuse but a victim of overcrowded living. Farrow won full custody anyway. During this time 77 year-old ex-hubby Frank Sinatra allegedly offered to have Allen's legs broken. Sinatra would've done it himself but Woody Allen was 20 years younger than Sinatra and could've easily out run him. Or he could've unplugged Sinatra's oxygen tank and simply walked away.

Hunger and a Happy Ending

After making several mediocre films, Farrow went on a hunger strike to bring attention to herself and human rights problems in Darfur. The hunger strike didn't really work out and why should it? She weighs no more than a few pounds. Mia Farrow going on a hunger strike is like Kirstie Alley entering a Hot Dog Eating Contest. Wow, such sacrifice! Meanwhile, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn have lived happily ever after for at least seventeen years. That's much longer than Woody and Mia lasted and longer than Mia's first two marriages combined.