The funtabulous side of Communism!

Communism: Putting monkeys in space but not potatoes on plates!

Communist Russians are convinced they invented Pokemon.

Just The Facts

  1. Communism is the ideal that if everyone cant be rich and successful no one can (Sort of like the "Everyone Wins!" policy used during Tee Ball games with five year olds. Do you think that will work? Ever? Nope. We all know there's going to be one asshole who decides hes better than everyone else.)
  2. The first time Communism was put into practice on a large scale was Russia in 1917. Their country was in such shitty condition they decided to use Communism to make things better (Thats like using shit to get rid of the smell of worse smelling shit). The Bolsheviks (Russian Communists) promised chan
  3. Today there are still countries that are Communist such as China and Cuba. Russia finally catching on that communism sucks, became a democracy and is now much better off. (FUCK YEAH!!!)

Why Would anyone want to do this shit!?!

On paper Communism is a very good idea. A state where everyone is equal and their is no man to control them, everyone works for the good of society. What's so bad about that? Unfortunately, due to a little something called human fucking nature, it's impossible for all of us to get along and work for the greater good. Some asshole is going to come along and think he's better than everyone else (as stated earlier) and fuck everything everyone worked hard on for his own good.

Successful Communist Countries!?! Impossible!?!

To date there is really only one truly successful Communist country and that is China. China became successful because instead of being a pure Communist state, they allowed buisnesses to start up and capitalism to thrive among its communism. (See! They got the picture.) Ofcourse people in China don't have all their rights and have an oppressive government but, they make a shitload of money making crap to sell to us so it's all good.

Three men to make one frisbee. Thanks China!