Kate Moss

Kate Moss plowed through piles of cocaine to become an icon of the fashion world and the bane of every woman who enjoys food...and cocaine.

Just The Facts

  1. Kate Moss is a model.
  2. She (used to) love cocaine.
  3. She needs a cheeseburger.

Mossy Background

A stiff breeze blew a 15 year old Kate Moss onto the modeling scene back in 1988, which is probably before most of you reading this were born.

Proof that this woman shits luck comes in the form of her being discovered in a goddamn airport. She started the whole "waif look" thing in modeling in the early 90s, leading an entire generation of men to start finding kneecaps and elbows sexy, and an entire generation of women to stop eating.

This won't attract stalkers at all.

This won't attract stalkers at all.

Believe it or not, this was her "chunky" stage.

Believe it or not, this was her "chunky" stage.

Heroin Chic

Her ghastly lack of any meat whatsoever in a world of curvy models like Cindy Crawford, Claudio Schiffer or super-bitch Naomi Campbell caused her to be nicknamed the "anti-supermodel"; a term that does nothing but shrink boners.

As her meals grew more infrequent, her eyes grew farther apart until she started to look like an alien:

Take me to your dealer.

"Take me to your dealer."

Bill Clinton even pulled Monica Lewinsky out of his lap momentarily to speak out about the growing trend of what he called "heroin chic" models. All of this of course led to rumors that Moss was an anorexic, but we can't understand why.



Snow On The Runway

In between her flutterings down runways and Calvin Klein Holocaust shoots, she took up snorting cocaine.

You wish this was a booger, Kate.

Every man's dream photo.

She began dating the usual slew of rockers and actors (including a brief relationship with Johnny Depp, which he wisely broke off). This eventually led to a relationship with this handsome lad:

We now understand why Kate did a pound of blow nightly.

"Oi can't 'ear you froo ma teef!"

This is Pete Doherty, of the now defunct band The Libertines, the group Babyshambles, and dental hygiene posters worldwide. The now-iconic image of Moss lining up a couple of rails was taken in 2005 during a Babyshambles recording session. According to reports, she tooted 5 lines in just 40 minutes: talk about dedication to the craft!

This was taken in a weight loss clinic.

"What? I'm making a sandwich."

Since then, every sober person she knows has been keeping her away from Doherty, who is a train wreck of another color.

Moss has since gone on to become one of the fashion industry's most iconic models. She's ditched the snow and even had a child (despite having no room with which to gestate a fetus). Tim Burton even used her as the basis for Jack Skellington in "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Kate Moss has certainly arrived since that long ago day in JFK Airport.


Someone really needs to get her a cheeseburger...

Model Kryptonite.

Model Kryptonite.

So she can look like this again:

After a 6-month white rice binge.

After a 6-month white rice binge.