So You Think You Can Dance

The show your girlfriend/little sister/creepy neighbor loves to tell you about.

They watch it for the choreography. Honest.

Just The Facts

  1. It's a dancing contest. Fox airs it.
  2. Each season, the winner gets a big chunk of money and a contract to dance in some horrible production, like a Las Vegas Celine Dion concert or a teenybopper move about Homies and Clubbing.
  3. Nearly all of the contestants on this show are already professional dancers, making the title about as misleading as a seeing-eye dog with ADHD.

The Host

This is why it's tough for female authors to write for a mostly male audience. I have no idea what to tell you horny bastards about Cat Deeley. Therefore, I typed "Is Cat Deeley Hot" into Google, and the editors at gave her a rating of 72%. So there you go.

This is what it takes to get a C- from internet nerds.

(This is what it takes to get a C- from internet nerds.)

She's the bland, friendly hostess of the show, kind of like Ryan Seacrest with breasts.

The Format

So You Think You Can Dance is just American Idol with less clothes. Don't let silly things like knowing anything about the show spoil this.

"But Topic-Writer," you may or may not be saying, "Isn't there a panel of judges on this show? Shouldn't I know about them and pay attention to their influence on the constestants and audience? And shouldn't I participate in the voting process?"

The answer is no. And you're welcome.