Video Game Trivialties That Are Ruining Everything

We are seeing more and more games that seem to have been made by people who can't even play them. Of these are simple and small things that get overlooked, and exponentially add up to make one hell of a crappy game.

Regenerating Health

Regenerating Health

So so many games now days use this uninspired dull system. Lets say you get shot in the head with a sniper rifle. You have one thousandth of a fraction of health left, but hide behind a wall for 10 seconds and you can continue to be a douche!! That, in fact, is the main problem of why this system fails. It encourages dickish behaviour. If you shoot someone in the heart, they should, by all means be dead in 15 seconds. But with regenerating health, It does not matter how many bullets you take to the brain, (which is funny because most of the people who play these games are mentally retarded) you can keep popping out of your hidey hole to rocket spam or sucker snipe. If the health system was more realistic, or at the least, more challenging, then that little fuck would learn his lesson about being a tard the next time you put a few high powered rifle rounds through his torso. Just like No Child Left Behind, regenerating health is supposed to give all players a fair chance, but in the end, winds up creating very stupid people.

Ever Decreasing Field of View (FOV)

I gotta ask, why the fuck would anyone think this is a good idea? Most every first person, and third person game being made today has an appalingly low Field of View. What is this you may ask? Field of view is the N'th degree angle of your vision in a game, or how much you can see at one time. As little as 7-10 years ago, no game was ever released with a FOV below 80, with most at 85-90. This makes sense because human vision's FOV is right around 90 degrees. In the last 5 years, game companies for whatever fucking reason have drastically reduced FOV across the board. For most games, 70-75 is now the standard with a few being even lower. The somewhat recently released Call of Duty 5: World at War had an unfathomably low 65 degree FOV. It was like trying to find your way around in a dark office building, looking through the viewfinder of a camera with 3x zoom. Game developers may think that decreasing the FOV makes you more immersed in the game, because they think it simulates adrenaline fueled tunnel vision, but in reality, It makes any game unplayable and worthless.

I want to show you just how bad a small FOV fucks a game up. Here are some pictures I took from Fallout 3 to demonstrate this point.

This image was taken with a 90 degree FOV. Everyting looks correct, and normal.

This image was taken with a 65 degree FOV. Notice how you can no longer see the Craterside Supply sign, Moriarty's Saloon sign, the building on stilts on the left side of the screen, the female character in the foreground, (she is in the same spot) and you can barely make out the top of that guy's head with the baseball cap on. Now imagine playing the whole game like this. With a 65 degree FOV If your view is perfectly level, you can not see what is on the ground even 15-20 feet away from where you are standing. Decreasing the FOV does nothing but FUCK THE WHOLE GAME OVER!


Somtimes refered to by me as "the bane of modern games" the achievement is a worthless, not even half assed approach to creating a sense of worth in gaming. I think the achievement as we know it today may very well have been created by an oblivious dipshit who does not understand sarcasm. for example:


Guy: This game is great, and no matter how many people you kill, it never gets old

Aspiring game dev: does this game let you keep track of your total kill count?

Guy: Maybe. Lets see.....

Aspiring game dev: WOW!! you just got your 50,000th kill!!

Guy: So what? Do I need a fucking medal?

Aspiring game dev: Yeah you do!

to self: yes....... you do.....

and the achievement was born. Achievements are like the pins that say "I gave blood". So? What the hell do I care? The only people who need things like this, are the people who really do need things like this. The people who do so little, that the only thing that gets them through one dreary bleak day and into the next is a medal that they "earned" by buying all of the decorations available for their house. If achievements did something, maybe then they would have some value, but most of the time they are nothing but aimless, and irritating.

There are still many other problems that exist in modern games that I have not yet attacked, but this is an article and not a book. Just remember, the next time you play a game and get shit like this thrown in your face, write an angry letter to your senator. Failing that, write a letter of utter loathing to the PR rep of that game company. Nothing else can save our games now, nothing.