Sin City

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, please deposit your cash in the showgirl, and move along with the buffet line.

The last thing you'll remember seeing before you gamble away the children.

Just The Facts

  1. Clark County has the fifth highest dropout rate in the nation.
  2. You don't need a diploma to make beds or spread legs in The City Of Sin.
  3. Origionally settled by Mormons in the mid 1800's, Las Vegas eventually became known as a place where people could go to actually have fun.
  4. Prostitution is NOT legal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, but laws have never stopped us before.

What is Sin City?

Sin City is one of the many names bestowed upon the city of Las Vegas, Nevada (not to be confused with Las Vegas, New Mexico where the only machine you'll drop money into is a parking meter). Known for tolerance and promotion of vice and debauchery, it has managed to promote all seven of the Deadly Sins...

You know you want it


Oh, this is just the appetizer


You can win this!




Even Jesus visits Vegas!


Her skinny, white ass...


Now available in black, white, red, and WTF?!?


Most cities are willing to condone maybe one or two vices, but as in all other arenas, Las Vegas delivers 100% (plus tips). Leave the kiddies at home for this trip, no need to let them watch their futures slip away!