Body Language

When words just aren't enough!

Let the ladies know, what they just might be missing out on!

Body language is nothing, without a great outfit to let it show!

Just The Facts

  1. Keeping your head stationary, while shoulders bob up and down as you walk says "I'm the badass you've been looking for"!
  2. One eye closed, and chin up, as you meet eyes (or eye in your case), and a 40 of St. Ides= Classy!
  3. Nothing gets those panties wet, like winking and pointing! Use it to your advantage!

Dressing for the occasion!

Okay gentlemen. I'm getting lots of requests for a guide, to dressing for the ladies! Here are a few tips, to make sure she's hopping into your Sport Compact, and not that Sport Car.

The Do's:

1. Wear tight pants! The first thing she will look at, is your bat and balls. Let her know, your packing a Louisville Slugger, not a Tee Ball bat!

2. Pink is in! Don't let the other guys tell you pink is for pansies. It's not just for 5 y/o girls anymore! You must wear it right though. Something refined, that screams out "MONEY"!

3. If you must wear a coat, make it a leather trench coat! Women are like a ferret that just spotted something shiney, when it comes to leather! They can't keep their hands off.

The Dont's:

1. Don't pop your collars! I can't stress this enough! It's considered too aggressive! There is such a thing, as too much man. Don't let her know, it's you!

2. No sandals! Nothing grosses a woman out faster, than seeing that your toe nails, are pedicured better than hers!

3. If you wear a hat, don't use the same ole broke in one. Make sure it is new, with a flattened bill, and slightly crooked (A hankercheif on the head under it, is an added touch that'll get them going to). That'll let her know, your hip! It's considered very classy to leave the stickers on it too, after you buy it!

Hopefully this list will get you started, and on the right path. Look again soon, for tips on pimping your ride! 22's is for fool's! 34's, that's how we roll!