Flirting With Women

Explosions, ominous death, and the captive getaway at the end of the movie that has you looking beside you on the couch wondering what the hell you're doing with her. While in the meantime you're trying your hardest to hit clubs to find that megan f

yeah, u know what she looks like.

Hey!!!! I'm an asshole

Just The Facts

  1. Women love a guy that comes off as, hey I'm an asshole. There's just something about being mentally abused that draws a woman in.
  2. When flirting, if the girl is making straight eye contact all the time and smiling, you might be the booty call.
  3. If the second one fails and you are definately the booty call revert to fact 1 and its game.

The First Step

So, you get pumped from watching the new Transformers, in a hastey decision you decide to throw on some clothes and go out to find Ms. Right. Or as others refer to it, get drunk until every girl in the place has a body as fine as Megan Fox. Pick one out and away you go right? Wrong. You've got to step your game up now. Due to increasing numbers of STD's found in the Mcdonald's playground, I'm not pointing anyone out here (I'm blaming the purple blob that just screams, Hey guys, come try my tasty chicken nuggets, oh yeah, how about a side of HIV while your kids are diving into the ball pit head first into who knows what.