Meeting Women

The eternal dance of the sexes involves men and lesbians looking to meet women in order to procreate, or to at least avoid the temptation too much time alone, a full jar of peanut butter, and a pet with a tongue can create.

New ways to meet women

There are two ways to meet women in the 21st century: online dating, and random meeting. It's tough out there for a pimp, as that rap guy once said, so take heart- you can find the love of your life, or at least the girl of the hour. Let's take it one step at a time and investigate each option, shall we?

Online Dating

Online dating is the most popular way to meet women. You can create a profile on a dating website that describes who you are, down to your most essential core. Words most men use in their profiles are 'caring', 'loyal', 'great sense of humor', and 'I love drugs'.

Pictures are important in the online dating world; many women will not bother to read your profile if you do not have a picture. If you are insanely ugly, you are still better off taking a picture of something on your body to post other than your face. Try a close-up picture of your balls; when the replies start flooding in, you can prove your 'great sense of humor' by explaining that no, that's not a picture of mountains with stink lines coming off of them.

Random Meeting

Men have reported meeting their girlfriends or wives at crazy places like a bar, a park, while walking a dog, or even by literally bumping into each other on the street. Apparently, some of these men didn't even try online dating... they met a woman, in person, all on their own! Their girlfriends or wives will tell you that it was an instant attraction that was solidified by their man's charm and charisma, but who has time to learn how to do all that AND stay in shape? Bah!