John Dies at the End

Just the Facts

1. John Dies at the End is a horror novel written by editor David Wong. It will be released by St. Martin's Press in the second half of 2009. A feature film is also in the works, to be directed by Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-Tep).

2. A website with a related Alternate Reality Game Adventure can be found at

3. The story contains the word "bratwurst" 17 times.

Cracked on John Dies at the End

David Wong has been publishing horror novels since 2001. And by "novels" we mean "John Dies at the End." That one story has been published in no less than four formats: as an online serial, then through the print-on-demand service at CafePress, then via indie horror publisher Permuted Press, and now by huge megapublisher St. Martin's.

Some have thus referred to Wong as "the Capcom of horror authors" and declared JDatE to be his Street Fighter II. All formats combined, the story has been read by some 85,000 people.


The main character--who though named David Wong, is not a biographical representation of the author--and his best friend--named John--stumble across a drug called Soy Sauce that lets them have out of body experiences. Then they are attacked by monsters and stuff. Dave kills a dude.

They find out the world is being attacked by a Lovecraftian god named Korrok, whose godhood has not saved him from being totally retarded. Dave must overcome Korrok's dark and invisible army, while overcoming his own personal demons. His primary demon is the fact that he just doesn't give a shit.

The Online Experience:

On Halloween of 2008 David Wong (who wrote this but enjoys referring to himself in the third person) launched an entirely new tie-in website at, a serial adventure done in the "Alternate Reality Game" style where hidden codes and messages are embedded in each updated, which allow the reader to "unlock" hidden areas of the site. JDatE has its own forum area on where readers are currently spending many hours of their free time trying to unravel it.