Film Nudity

Be honest with yourself. You may say nudity in films is "degrading" or "grotesque", but we all love some titties on the big screen.

Blue Lagoon

Just The Facts

  1. A silent film titled "Inspiration" made in 1915 was the first movie to have an actor featured nude
  2. The film "Angels and Insects" got a NC-17 rating because an actor had an erection in it

You can just call me Ms. Skin

Nudity in films is so common these days that most people can watch it without even batting an eye. Did "The Whole Nine Yards" leave you scarred for life? Were you terrified by "Swordfish"? Did Jason Segal's penis in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" give you night terrors?(bad example)

I have seen my fair share of movies with nudity, and I'm not talking about pornographic films (that's a whole different ball game). Ask yourself this question, why is it usually only females doing nude scenes? Is it because we're obviously more pleasing to the eye? Is it because actresses feel pressured? Would you walk across a film set holding your junk in your hand like a garden hose?

Women vs Men - The Great Debate

Who hates film nudity more than women? It's degrading and it objectifies females. While we're getting paid millions to flash some titty to the camera (or just getting a free tee shirt), guys are sitting back and reaping the benefits, well, not all of them.

Male nudity in films is like a little old woman. She rarely goes outside, and if she does it's only to see if she melts in the sun. Although male nudity is becoming more accepted, it seems as though film nudity has been a subject designated for the ladies.

Celebrity Sex Tapes

Not only is society enthralled with what celebrities are doing in their everyday life, we love to see what's going on between the sheets! We all have that guilty little pleasure, that devil on our shoulder telling us to google a celebrity sex tape as soon as we hear it comes out. A chance to see Verne Troyer working his magic? Yes, please!