Blink 182

Blink 182 gave something to the world, a whiny lead singer with something to complain about. It sends shivers down the spines of punks all around the world with it's whinging, dulcet tones and has been ripped off ad infinitum by punks everywhere.

Mildy attractive. Insanely talented. Fucking hilarious.

Little did they know they would be getting the band equivalent of a divorce.

Just The Facts

  1. Blink 182 is probably one of the most well known "pop-punk" bands of the late 90's and early 00's. (is that right? "00's"?)
  2. They had their ups and downs, like most bands do, and eventually broke up 5 years ago. You could hear the screams of 13-18 year old 'punk' kids around the world when they announced their reunion plans earlier this year.
  3. Created an entirely new genre of music. Awesome!

Cracked on Blink 182

"Somehow, breaking up for 5 years and going through all that heartache and animosity and everything else somehow was the best thing that ever happened to our band. It's really gratifying and strange and humbling to think that right now, it's really cool to like Blink 182." - Mark Hoppus


In The Beginning

How this musical trio musical abomination musically talented band of miscreants came to be, like most stories, is a story in its self. Tom Delonge, lead singer, and Mark Hoppus, bassist, both attended Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego (Whale's Vagina/ Gay Capital of the World), CA. They both wanted to be in a band, and when Mark Hoppus' sister introduced them, no doubt at a drunken orgy that seems to be the bane of most high schoolers, that's exactly what happened.

And so Blink 182 was born. The members of which were Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor, which easily made it onto the list of top names that would write hard sci fi. They played in the battle of the bands at their high school, like all great bands, and went on to record their first demo tape on a 4 track, again like all great bands(They were definitely doing something right).

Their demo tape became a full fledged cassette named Buddha that would be taken up by Kung Fu Records, an independent company owned by Hoppus' boss(That's right, they had jobs, just like Spiderman). The band recorded their first studio album in 1994 called Cheshire Cat and added 182 to the end of their name to avoid conflict with an Irish pop band which apparently never did anything great because I've never heard of Blink. Then again in 1996, it happened again, Blink, now 182, gave birth to another record, this one entitled Dude Ranch and containing their first big hit, Dammit.


Blink 182

Middle and End

Then, during the 1998 tour disaster/ awesomeness struck. Drummer Scott Raynor left the band, he says to enter rehab, like most great bands, but some dispute this saying Delonge and Hoppus simply fired him because of his alcohol problem, or improvement depending on how you look at it (because let's face it some people are better with alcohol). This brought on the advent of the Drummer Extraordinaire, the Fastest Beat Man in the World, the man who could put Ray Allen to shame, Travis Barker. Barker had previously been playing for the band The Aquabats but he was stolen by Blink 182 to replace questionable sci fi writer Scott Raynor.

Then Blink 182 became a huge commercial success with their album Enema of the State, which may or may not be a play on the Will Smith film Enemy of the State, conspiracy theorists are undecided. This album had the hits What's My Age Again?, Adam's Song and All The Small Things, which at the time was played at every middle school and high school dance in the U.S. and is reported to have become the national anthem of Cambodia. After Enema of the State, they continued riding the gravy train with my personal favorite album title Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. A couple of tours and one self titled album later, the band, Blink 182, in 2005, as we know it, failed to exist.

Hiatus and Reconvergence

The Hiatus of the Century, as it was called, happened when a rift was formed between the band members Tom Delonge on one side and Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker on the other. This rift grew from Tom Delonge spending too much time with his new, and awesome, band Angels and Airwaves. Purportedly Tom quit the band for Angels and Airwaves and when that happened the equally awesome +44 was born by Hoppus and Barker.

The rest is history, the band reformed earlier in 2009 and is currently in tour around the U.S. But, they more than likely reunited for the money, which means more than likely they will suck, which means more than likely Cambodia will choose a new anthem instead of being associated with a band that will bring about it's own suckiness in an attempt to make more money which means more than likely the next time you visit Cambodia Ice Ice Baby will blare through the speakers when the head Mugwug addresses the populace.

Influential or Just Not That Good?

Obviously any band will inevitably affect another but Blink 182 has done more than that. They have spawned an entirely different kind of music I like to call Popunkrock(pronounced pop'ncrock). The type of rock that they play is called punk and it became extremely mainstream, a part of pop culture, which is why I like to call it Popunkrock.

Some other bands that have played Popunkrock include The Distillers, Bowling for Soup, and Anti Flag. Each of these exhibits traits of Blink 182 and Popunkrock. Now i know what you're thinking "Palookah, what is Popunkrock?, what defines it as a genre and style?" Well, let me answer your question with a question, what do you think Popunkrock is? You don't know because I just told you about this? Then I will tell you, step inside my lair said the fox to the chicken and learn the secrets of popunkrock.

Popunkrock: A Genre for the Ages

1. The band being considered for popunkrock must be a rock band. And not only a punk rock band, one that has something to complain about, if it wants to be a great popunkrock band they will complain about women and their parents mostly because what is the demographic of popunkrockers? Teenage boys, and what do teenage boys hate? Their parents and women.

2. Popunkrock is a lifestyle not a choice, sometimes. There are conflicting views on this but scientific research won out at Palookah university and that is the majority of Popunkrockers are more often born into the lifestyle then people that choose to be Popunkrockers. To be born into Popunkrockerhood one must have parents that exhibit some sort of trait that seperates them from normal society. This is so that the parent who has been alienated can alienate their kids. The alienation that occurs happens for three reasons, one so that the kids who will grow up into popunkrockers will have something to complain about. Two, so that the popunkrocker will feel alienated from society and want to dress up like a punk and play angry music. Third, to inspire the future Popunkrockers to get out of their living situation and the best way to do that is to pick up a guitar and bang on it until someone hears you.

3. The third aspect that a band requires to be considered for Popunkrock is to have screechy vocals that can sometimes be grating on the eardrums and at times be so intelligible it makes JFK (Who was the fastest random word speaker in the world) seem like James Joyce. Bonus points if the band has sweet drum licks to fil in for the words.

4. Finally, the band has to be liked enough to make some sort of mainstream impact. Whether it's being played on the radio, you hear a random person singing the words while walking along, or someone tries to pass the lyrics off as an original poem in English class.

Blink 182 fits perfectly into the Popunckrock genre. It should, since it was invented by them. They fulfill every requirement for Popunkrock status and take it one step further. their break up was a huge deal, almost making them more famous then they already were. The extra step they took was to dispel their popunkrock status, the popunkrocked it dropped it.