The X Games

The X games, The most extreme competition ever. For years pre- pubescent teens have been skateboarding, tuning in to the X-games and wrecking Mr. Wilson's front yard.

People's reaction when hawk landed the 900

Just The Facts

  1. In 1993 Espn starting thinking of new concepts of an international gathering of action sport athletes. (Were sure Danny Way, Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra, Mat Hoffmann and all those dudes were in was probably the most extreme meeting ever. )
  2. in 1995 the first ever summer "Extreme Games" were held in a not so extreme place, Providence & Newport, RI. (The X-Games name didn't come until the next year.I guess they had to ease the extremeness into the audience)
  3. The 1999 X games had to be one of the biggest ever with 245,000 in attendance. In this X-games Tony Hawk completed "the 900" and moto X was introduced

The X-Games- The Rundown

The X Games, the holy grail of extreme sports. For 15 years now pre pubescent teens have been cracking cases of energy drinks,skateboarding at your highschool and destroying Mr. Wilson's front yard. but there's a 3 day period when these little bastard's are nowhere to be found, your highschool's, skateparks and pacific sunwears are completely deserted, and Mr. Wilson can finally fix his front yard. Two Words X-Games (is that actually one word, or is it considered two? i don't know, but you can even see now that's how extreme the x-games are, the word itself completely smacks the rules of grammar in the face.), in comparison the X-Games is more extreme than a batch of brownies mixed with cyanide dumped into the biggest beehive known to man then flung at your face at 5,000 mph(yeah that's how extreme it is and thats cutting the x games some slack.). The X-games has now been around for 15 years, professional extreme athletes have been gathering to perform he most glorious acts of extremeness possible. Spinning 2.5 times 25 feet in the air on a skateboard, a double backflip on a 250 pound dirtbike,crash landing 30 ft to dirt. The X-games is nothing to be misunderstood, it has been known that people over the age of 45 who tune in to the x-games have died, it is just simply too extreme for the old.

Three of the best "X" Moments

1.Tony hawk's 900

2. Travis pastranas double backflip

3. Kyle Loza's pulls off his created trick the "Electric Death"

Three not so "X" moments

1. Jake Brown's slam heard round the world

2.Carey hart's failed backflip

3.Danny way's backbreaker