Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes are the way of the future. They will make everyday objects as hard as diamond; expect CNT Viagra within a year or their public release.

Just The Facts

  1. Carbon Nanotubes are the hardest substance mankind has ever found.
  2. They hope to one day build cities out of CNTs, making Anime sort of a predictor of the future (hopefully with an equal number of boobs)
  3. CNT underwear would stop bullets

Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes were discovered on accident, like pretty much everything awesome that doesn't involve cleavage. They are strong, conductive and black. Everything is more awesome in black (see ninjas and coffee. And Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles). Carbon nanotubes are also blind (for now).

CNTs will one day descend from the sky and save humanity, ushering in 1000 years of peace. Carbon Nanotubes are jesus.

Stuff that Carbon Nanotubes will give us

Sci Fi has been full of awesome shit, so has "emerging technology", which is basically Sci Fi made real. In many cases, these things have been waiting for something to come along that would allow them to make the parts small enough, or strong enough for their mircales. Thanks to the Carbon Nanotube, they might. Here are some things we may get to look forward to.

Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid

Only the Japanese could come up with a name that bad-ass. They want to make a city-sized building a mile tall, and to do it, they hope to use Carbon Nanotubes. Imagine living in a building the size of a city who's parts are harder than diamond. The next time America decides to nuke Japan, they will just laugh and point.

The Space Elevator

For a long time, people have postulated that you could send things up into space if you tied a tether to the Earth and put a pendulum on the end, then used th Earth's rotation to swing it around, keeping it in place. Others have called them fucktards for thinking up such a stupid and dangerous idea. Thanks to CNTs, the first group may be able to say "Who's the fucktard now?!"


That's right, fucking Robocop. Not only will they be able to make the nanoparts necessary to hook up a human to bad ass robot parts, those robot parts can be made of nanotubes, so you would be a harder than diamond cyborg. Clarence Boddiker would just quit and start teaching or something.