Furries are, essentially, what amounts to the pink elephants from Dumbo fucking. Except some of them look like other animals.

It isn't so funny once the dog catcher comes around, is it? You sexy...sexy little he-bitch...

This is the grim reality of it all. Your mother is a member. I guess that makes you one-half retard.

The accapella group

Just The Facts

  1. Fuck Therianthropy, it started from this and many of its community's tendencies are like those of the more "passive" Furries.
  2. It is a legitimate religion/sexual fetish/group experience until the fuck-bats crazy-assed trolls get involved. (kinda like Therianthropy)
  3. It is an internet buffet of dumb-assery courtesey of people who think that thier souls are dragons and that is why they are fat beyond excuses and enjoy "yiffing" all goddamn day. Also, they have fox-people on second life for some reason.

The ultimate in WTF Wrestling...

You might remember that one crowd in high school. The kids who were interesting and kinda cool but were unwilling to play in juvenile politics. Then there were the losers that they were not too good to be friends with and show tits to in order to get them to do their homework so they can go to the rave behind the Galaxy Bowling Alley. Furries are the latter. The kind of people that should have been cool, with a little blossoming but, then somehow allowed their out-of-the-boxness to twist and contort into...this. Now, just like with Nazis and Psycick Youthes, there are normal and mainstream members of this community. However, it requires next to nothing to be brought to the table and therfore, every asshole who want to be cradeled by a group of people, who want to rape sensebilities with a misbegotten sense of brotherhood or who are just plain looking for an excuse will all be attracted to something like this. That is why the real underground movements are elitist. You know, because they don't want morbidly obese people who can barely afford their rent (or their sanity, either or) to come and mooch off of the attention of a special interest group. All the while wearing a ridiulous mascott costume of some animal that is the exact opposite of what they are in person and trying to convince others that they are not REALLY a member of whatever group that they have been invited into (usually quite recently), that they do not make the rules to, unless they have sex with them.

Now for what is so good about them. They actually have decent charities for the rescue of endangered, orphaned and/or abused animals out there. They are usually dealt with at their conventions but are also featured on their more legitimate websites. The more mainstream this thing gets the more normal the people involved become. That is probably becasuse the fetish is genuine and not just a means of hiding the faces of the children some peolple assume they are raping. Most of the time, Furry orgies are either just smack on a chat-room, some stupid RPG or a private party. It is just a twisted and multi-splendored joke of Fate that the most fat, hideous, stupid and socially irresponsible neanderthals got the most attention.

The real culprits for the teeming, simering hatred garnered by Furries like so much pussy hair are the, wait for it, weredragons. Yes, I really typed that. I know what you are asking yourselves. "KattyBitch69, are you making fun of me? Do you expect me to think that weredragons are responsible for the hatred of sexual deviants? Anybody who wants to go to heaven will hate these miserable monsters from the black scum-pit of hell. What's next, the unicorns and fairies making us hate pedophiles?" Good point dear reader. But what I mean is that stupid people who think that their trademark bulging fat globs of ugly are caused by the "fact" that their souls are simply reincarnated dragons. And that is opposed to bad genes, excess food, a sedentary lifestyle (laziness), bad luck or the genuine fact that Jesus hates them. These are the usual upstarts and somewhat fanatic people who have decided to stick to personalized delusions instead of government aproved delusions. Not only do they fit every single sterotypical aspect of the Furry comunity but they started the "yiff" exclamation. So, I say we put some cheeze wiz at the end of a stick and light up some torches and go dragon hunting. But, being a Furry is still a little kill-worthy. See the pictures above. What I did not put in there is the loads of anime' and (as usual) child pornography based around this lifestyle. Still, puppies licking each other is cute, unless they are animated were-puppies with unbridled intent. Someone needs to clean house. I don't know who, the FurryPope ?