The Hills

The Hills a supposed reality programme based in LA or somewere that produces endless supplies of blonde fucktards with slight mental retardation. The Hills is one of MTV's flagship shows which teaches people to be noisey little whores.

I dont even no if there in the show i just like this picture.

More interesting than the programme

Make's me hate life(is this thing a dude or a chick?)

Just The Facts

  1. A reality programme, which happens to have camera in every place in LA
  2. Features people with names that upset me- Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge. To name a few complete losers
  3. Is a supposed spin off of another programme which featured equal amounts of fucktards
  4. Although many of the female cast are fuckable, once they talk you begin to wonder is turning gay a good option
  5. This reality show is 30-60 min, however for some reason they insist to have a hudge flamer and a fire crotch talk about how sad the show is afterwards

The Hills

I remember a day when you America produced fantastic programming! The Wonder years was one, how about classic teen programming like Kenan & Kel or Saved by the bell, this leads me to ask WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED! Apparently Entertainment weekly has ranked this programme 82nd in a list of the 100 greatest Tv programmes of the past 25 years.....i had a mild stroke when i read that.

For those people who have never seen The Hills (you lucky bastards), It follows our good old friend Lauren Conrad as she moves from one programme Laguna Beach (sweet fucking jesus) to LA were she moves in with her equally blonde equally retarded friend Heidi Montag, dont let her name fool you into thinking she has class she is in fact as mentally void than one can imagine. Cameras then follow them, thats all that happens............seriously. I was going to put a link to a video for your viewing pleasure but you would have more fun masturbating with your bad hand.

God's rejects

The show has around five main idiots on screen while there is a whole group of secondary rejects in the background who occasionaly say "oh my god". I think I'd rather be mentally retarded then being forced to watch one more of these meaning less shows. Id rather watch the real world in the ghetto atleast there it would be more intresting, and they would actually keep it real.