Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger was an Australian actor most known as a gay cowboy, a gay knight, a gay rebel and the best Joker in a Batman film.

Not being gay killed him... kind of

Just The Facts

  1. After First Knight and 10 Things I Hate About You he was loathed by every teenage boy in the United States
  2. Astonished women and terrified men with his portrayal of what really goes on during long camping trips with two men
  3. Years later, he is widely considered a hero among those same guys for banging Michelle from Full House [citation needed]
  4. The first time Heath played a non-gay character he overdosed on pills, killing himself, losing the respect that those men had for him

Rebel Who Could Carry A Tune

Heath Ledger exploded into the female equivalent of wet dreams in 1999 after playing opposite Julia Styles in 10 Things I Hate About You. He starts the movie smoking and angry at the world and by the end he's singing "I Love You Baby" by Frankie Valli and dancing around on the school bleachers. He quickly took American women by storm by being the ultimate douchebag guy who will do anything to get the girl. Five years later he would leave her with a baby to go buy a pack of smokes while she was teaching the little feminist the newest Bikini Kill song...

A Patriot + A Pussy + A Knight = Flamer

Ledger spent the next two years dressing in frilly costumes and pretending to be a hero while killing himself for not having his father's love.

In the Patriot, Heath has daddy issues during the American Revolution and gets captured as a spy. He later has to be freed and, after being terrified by his father, he rejoins the army and gets his wife killed. He tries to avenge her but is killed by Jason Isaacs (also dressed in frilly clothes) after thinking he had revenge. His father has to clean up after him.

In Monster's Ball, Ledger plays Billy Bob Thornton's son who is so lame he has to fuck the same hooker as his dad. As a corrections officer he gets sick watching an execution, his dad rightfully beats him down and Ledger, instead of retaliating, confesses his love for his father and shoots himself over his teenage angst.

Ledger may get the girl in A Knight's Tale but not before meeting a naked Geoffory Chaucer and adding him to his troup and then taking dancing lessons from Chaucer with boymate Wat as his partner and creating on the fly a new fruity dance to show up Lord Adhemar. You know what'll ll show that big bad knight who's boss... a new dance...

Casanova hides in a Grimm Brokeback Dogtown

Ledger his a stride in 2005 playing the role he was born to play...

No not the lovable book worm fairy tale writer Jacob Grimm who would rather save young girls than party with harlots with Matt Damon's lethario death weilding Wilhelm Grimm.

No not the surfboard designer, Skip from Dogtown, who puts together a team of young boys who he wants to propel to superstardom via tactics only employed before by Lou Pearlman. At one point, Skip, sad and angry shuts down the team after another pedophile takes his boys.

No not even the Italian lover of all lovers, Casanova... who is largely rumored to be bisexual. In the movie, Ledger plays a man-whore in trouble with the church who lies to the woman he loves and almost gets hung for it. His manly role to date.

But no, the role Ledger was born to play earned him awards from the New York Film Critics Circle and the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and even got him nominated for an Oscar. Years after Eric Cartman on South Park declared that all independent films were about Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding, legendary director Ang Lee took Tre Parker and Matt Stone's advice and made that movie but with a whole new idea of eating pudding...

The Darkest Knight

After a slew of gay rumors and even worse films that don't even merit a mention, Ledger was finally ready to take on a film that would prove critics, and those voices in his head, wrong.

While filming, interviews with Ledger were done about how deep he had delved inside the Joker charcter, feeling himself going mad as the onscreen destroyer of Gotham City. Rumors even swirled that Jack Nicholson told Ledger to be careful because the character would drive him mad.

Joker's back story is never revealed but after Ledger's death, it can naturally be assumed that he was struggling with a homoerotic past that would haunt him until he killed every pretty boy, macho man in the city and got rid of anyone competing for their affections like Racheal Dawes.

The purple and green may be a staple of the Joker but Ledger played him flamboyant and increasingly intrigued with Batman as a person, wanting to get to know him and be close to him.

Oh and cross dressing, don't forget about the cross dressing.