4chan is an anonymous image board where lonely people of the Internet go to rid themselves of silly things like morals, common sense, and dignity.

A typical thread on 4chan.

Typical Anons, or members of 4chan.

A typical reaction to seeing 4chan for the first time (and all subsequent times).

Just The Facts

  1. 4chan makes Hitler look like Santa Claus
  2. 4chan is a great place to visit if you want to become acquianted with the FBI
  3. The Game.

The Awesome

Before I get to how 4chan is the harbinger of all that is unholy in this universe, I would like to go over the little good that has come of it.

4chan (specifically its random board, /b/) is the largest generator of memes on the Internet. It is responsible for everything from lolcats to this wonderfully clever and well thought out meme.

A fraction of the memes that spew from /b/ everyday.

This is a fraction of the memes that spew from 4chan everyday. And it doesn't stay on 4chan. Many of these memes are known throughout the Internet. Hell, some memes have even managed to get on Oprah, as seen below.

Yes. Someone got Oprah to say "over 9000 penises" on air on pretty much the most popular show in the world.

You think that's impressive? Have you ever heard of the Time 100, the list of the most influential people of the year? 4chan rigged it. Or, more specifically, /b/ rigged it, as the rest of 4chan didn't actually care. Why? So that m00t, the creator of 4chan, would get the number 1 spot.

Think that would be enough? Anon didn't. They also rigged the 20 people that placed directly under m00t so that they could plaster memes on it.

marblecake also the game

Almost a quarter of the Time 100 list was rigged because one anon on 4chan thought it might be somewhat amusing.

"Well, that's all well and good," you say in a British accent, "but isn't this a bit of a waste of talent? Could they not be using this skill to do things for the betterment of people everywhere?" Well, yes, there is some of that too. For one, 4chan has done almost as much to fight pedophilia as the FBI. they do everything from making their underage loving ways public to what anon likes to refer to as "Pedo baiting," which is basically going into a chat room, making older men think you are a kid looking for sex, and then scaring the living shit out of them (and sometimes even getting them arrested).

4chan also started a bit of an ongoing war with the church of Scientology.

It is safe to say that despite being the spawn of the devil, 4chan has had a mass influence on mordern day soceitey. A majority of the protests against the church of scientology were orginized by the anon members of /b/.

The Cancer

4chan, something that originally began as an image board, turned into something much much worse. 4chan itself spawned some other boards such as fapchan and 7chan, which basically edit out all the SFW content that 4chan holds.

As you may have noticed, this article is basically just about /b/ (as every article about 4chan eventually becomes). Well, the rest isn't going to be much different. "Well, I don't see how it can be all bad," you say. "I mean, this "/b/" has obviously brought us wonderful memes, great hilarity, and has fought against the forces of pedophilia and Scientology. How bad could they possibly be?"

There's a reason why /b/ is called the asshole of the Internet.

"Well, okay. This sort of banter is obviously just for fun. They wouldn't actually be this racist, that is easy to see. And anyway, the good that they do far out shadows the bad, right? I mean, they do help keep pedophiles off the street." Well, about that....


This is Pedobear, and he wants to meet your children.

That's right. Where everywhere else pedophiles are thought of as the malignant ass of society that deserves to die, on /b/ they get a cute little mascot.