Is Legalizing Marijuana A Good Idea?

As Cracked's resident stoner i took upon myself to write this article, marijuana, the plant of god, should be legalized because the world need's someone to eat all of our funyuns.


a diagram of you on weed

Just The Facts

  1. A joint a day keeps the problems away
  2. Marijuana is less dangerous than drinking and more fun
  3. im high right now and recommend you should be too
  4. recent studies have shown that THC (the main active chemical in cannabis) actually has anti-tumor properties, so yeah it cures cancer

The History and Meaning

Its all started from the Romanians in the 3rd millennium B.C, it was found to be a part of rituals, where they would have an orgy and smoke weed (this still goes on at Cracked to this day). Marijuana was used to gain connection with the spirit world due to lack of cellphones. Through hallucinations they saw the future/past.

It was then passed on to other nations, tribes, and somehow it appeared in the ancient Aryan culture. The so called "shamans", in translation meaning "those who walk on smoke", also did bong hits to talk to their great-great-great-great-grandma because they forgot why the sky was blue and the sun was fucking bright.

Many cultures from around the world used to party with the green plant of happy. From Asia to the Native Americans it was a celebrated plant, not just for its spiritual, recreational use but, also clothing, sails and even the first draft of the Declaration of Indenepence was made of hemp.

So basically it was a major part of many cultures and everyone was happy.

Marijuana in the Modern Day World.

So what now? You sort of know everything about ganja now that the word of cracked has been read but

This grass of wonder is now illegal in all countries, except the Netherlands and islands where laws dont exist...yet
But use of it for medical purposes is still legal, because its your health we're talking about. Of course you could take you grandmas Weed-Nose spray, put it in a pan and heat it, then inhaling the magical vapors to get high, but common, no one needs it that much. If you do, might as well read the article about Lindsey Lohan.

The stupid anti-cannabis campaigns are complete bullocks, especially in America. When drugs(weed is grass not a drug, duh) and alcohol kill more people than one weed smoker, who forgot how to breathe or just understood the meaning of life, or what the big bang was( i would write more high philosophies, but its like 5 am here)

Marijuana has brought upon the human race, a lot of great things like jokes, movies, great emotions and feelings. Pineapple express was one of the most funniest movies of the past 2 years i've seen so far. And all it took is some weed and a magic lighter. Dont forget that when, you think about and want weed, you get high, and act high, without the weed itself! WoW! And this mood helps us think more clearer but for some reason fail the exam, thats what i didnt expect on my algebra exam, when i started eating my paper, out of lack of munchies.

But thats sorta the skinny dippy of it, read the last part.

So...Now What?

I will quote sXephil who once said:
When someone is drunk you would have to warn people like this "Ok just incase, Tom is drunk, and might start a fight with someone". But when someone is high its different " Ok Bill is high, so watch out, he might eat your Cheerios and fall asleep and your couch"

But here's the real End of My topic:
A)Best Scenario: If you legalize Marijuana, there will be a tax, the government will get more money, economics will somehow be connected with weed, and we will all live happily ever after
B) Worst Scenario: If you legalize Marijuana everyone will always be high, and in 3 years all the Cereal Resources will run out, and world hunger will kill us all!

My final answer is hellz yeah, it would be the best thing to get out of the financial crisis and end up happy and high

So do the best you can for Marijuana, it might be what you need, or what you could later on sell