Clothes For Dogs

If you like dog clothes, your other interests may include: children's beauty pageants, bestiality, and making your pet hate you.

Try putting this on a Rottweiler. We dare you.

Just The Facts

  1. Another man-made product that prevents natural selection from killing off lapdogs.
  2. Contribute to hatred for rich people and creepy old ladies.
  3. Add insult to injury for sweatshop workers.

Pointlessness has a new gold standard

It would make sense to make clothes for Fido if he was cold. However, seeing as most dogs have fur, and fur has the unique property of preserving heat, ninety nine percent of the time a dog won't need additional layers for a trip outside.

Despite this, there are people in the world who buy clothes for their dogs- (cats and gerbils aren't safe either, for that matter). These people are usually rich, and are showing their generosity by providing the same overpriced designer clothes they wear for their animal companions. A heartfelt act of kindness- anyone living in a third world country is more comfortable naked anyway.