Opera, is an untouchable subject. Because of the language barrier and the very small viewing audience, knowing just a few basic plots can make you seem much more intelligent than you really are.

Obviously, this is the end.

Just The Facts

  1. Opera is by definition a play in which all the words are sung.
  2. Most operas are not in english, but instead in italian, latin or german.
  3. Not all women who sing opera are fat.
  4. An opera is when a soprano makes love to a tenor and the baritone tries to get in the way

Opera and the badassery of Mozart

Opera: The music of intellectuaals, classically trained musicians, rich snobs and those wishing to bang the fat chick.

Opera is a great art form that became the theatre form for rich snobs to escape the plague infested peasants.[Citation needed] However, it has given birth to great stories such as Carmen and Phantom of the Opera (which is not an opera, but obviously inspired by it). This also gave way for Mozart to be the total immoral badass he was and write an opera about a Turkish Harem, Die Entführung aus dem Serail, one that's libretto was banned by Emperor Joseph II, Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), and one that was written about a famous womanizer dragged straight to hell, Don Giovanni.