Freemasons are and always have been in control of the world and the world's hidden treasures.

Just The Facts

  1. Most conspiracy theories lead back to the Freemasons.
  2. All of the Freemason books about their secret rituals are available on Amazon.
  3. You can apply to be a Freemason online.
  4. George Washington was a Freemason and so is Michael Richards.
  5. In Dan Brown's latest bestseller, he reveals the secret that Freemasons are actually wizards. Like Gandalf and Merlin and Dumbledore.

What are Freemasons?

Freemasonry started several years ago when masons were building Solomon's Temple and then they started to collect treasure. They also started infiltrating governments and top positions all over the world, much like the Scientologists. Freemasons have ancient ceremonies that date back several years.

Much like the Bible, people only know as much about the Freemasons as tehy have seen in movies.