Whaling is the hunting, usually by harpoon, of whales. Whales are the world's largest mammals, known either as 'Gaia's handmaidens' or 'cows of the sea' depending on your viewpoint on the issue.

Just The Facts

  1. Whaling is supported by Japan and several less relevant countries.
  2. Although Japan claims its whaling is done for research purposes only, whale meat is a traditional and still-popular Japanese dish.
  3. Whaling is opposed by whales, hippies and Vulcans.

All You Need To Know About Whaling

Finding a restaurant.

"Kujira o tabetai n desu."

I would like to eat whale.

"Kujira o tabete mitai n desu."

I would like to try whale.

"Kujira no aru mise ni ikitai n desu, doko ka osusume ga arimasu ka?"

I would like to go to a restaurant that serves whale, can you recommend one to me?

"Kujiraniku wa doko de kaemasu ka?"

Where can I buy whale meat?

"Honyuurui no chi no aji wo tameshitai desu."

I desire the sweet taste of mammalian blood.

"Sumimasen, Kujiraya/Dogenzaka wo sagashitemasu kedo..."

Excuse me, I'm looking for Kujiraya/Dogenzaka street.

At the restaurant.

"Kujira o kudasai."

I'll have the whale."

"Kujira sashimi o kudasai."

I'll have the raw whale.

When you have the whale.

"Oishii desu."

It's good!

"Toriniku no yo desu ne."

It tastes like chicken.

"Sakanappoi gyuuniku no yo desu ne."

It's kind of like fishy beef.

"Jinniku no hou ga ii desu."

I prefer the taste of human flesh.

"Chotto mazui desu ga, hippie ga kirai desu kara gambarimasu."

It's gross, but I hate hippies so much I'm going to soldier on.

"Vulcan nante daikirai desu."

I fucking hate Vulcans.

"Iruka wa?"

What about dolphin/do you also have dolphin?

"Azarashi wa?"

What about seal/do you also have seal?

"Koazarashi wa?"

What about baby ones?