Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: SCC is a T.V. show developed by Josh Friedman for the Fox network. Taking place after the events of the second film, it follows the struggles of Sarah Connor, her son John and his cyborg protector Cameron in their fight against Skynet.

The equation is simple enough, but Fox can't do math.

Two reasons why you watch the show.

Where great television goes to die.

Just The Facts

  1. Takes place after the events of the second film, so in its canon the events of the third film never happened. (which is ok for most people)
  2. Aired from January 2008 until April 2009 with 2 seasons. The first season was cut short due to the writers guild strike.
  3. To the disdain of many, Fox cancelled the show after it's second season. Hardcore fans are trying to bring it back. It's like Firefly all over again.
  4. You are secretly a Jameron fan.

Main Characters

Sarah Connor

The main protagonist played by Lena Headey (Queen Gorgo, 300). She is tough, highly trained and is not afraid to break a face or two. Since the events of the first film she has trained hard for the upcoming fight against Skynet and has went from timid waitress to marine drill instructor vicious. But fighting robots from the future doesn't do to well for her sanity. Post traumatic stress is evident. While not being as ruthless as back in the second film, she can still kick ass.

Shin Kick

and shins

John Connor

Now in his teenage years. John Connor (Thomas Dekker) has a lot to deal with in his transition from a squeaky voiced, emo haired kid to leader of the human resistance. Aside from not being able to lead a normal life because of being a fugitive and life threatening brushes with terminators from the future, his future self thought he'd spice it up a bit more by sending back through time a very attractive guardian terminator to a time in his life when his hormones would be quite rampant. The sexual tension is obvious.

Pictured from left to right: John, tension, Cameron

Cameron Phillips

Summer Glau (River Tam, Firefly/Serenity) plays as the heroine terminator Cameron. Different from any other model of terminator encountered, she is able to replicate human behavor better than any previous model. Still, her behavior is somewhat awkward but adds humor to the show. She was sent back from the year 2027 by John Connor to protect his younger self. Her relationship with John is an amusing one. This relationship is known as Jameron.

Derek Reese

Brian Austin Green portrays the older brother of Kyle Reese who is also sent back throught time to aid young John. Although it looks like he would wreak of Jack Daniels, He is actually a very disiplined and high ranking solider in John's future army. Derek is very distrustful of anything "metal" so he is not on good terms with Cameron.

Secondary Characters

James Ellison

F.B.I. Agent James Ellison is the main agent in charge of the Connor case. Ellison (Richard T. Jones) throughout his investigation finds evidence that are in favor of Sarah's ludacris claims and soon finds himself involved in the whole ordeal.


Out of the many agents of Skynet that have come back from the future, Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt) has been the terminator that the Connors just haven't been able to throughly dispose of. In one episode, Sarah blows his head off and he just puts it back on. This terminator is the most bad ass of Skynet's minions on the show. He even slaughtered an entire F.B.I. squad to a delightful Johnny Cash tune.

Catherine Weaver

Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage) plays the role of the mysterious Catherine Weaver who is the head of a technology company called Zeira Corporation and is actually of a certain liquid metal type. Her origins and full intentions are never fully uncovered.

Snip Snip

This is not what I had in mind when I said I'd like to see her scissor a woman.

Riley Dawson

Appearing in the second season along with Catherine Weaver is Riley Dawson. (Leven Ramblin) She soon becomes John's steady girlfriend. This was most likely done by the writers to prevent John and Cameron from reaching the point to where they get it on. (although quite taboo, would have really jacked up the ratings)

How it All Began

On the run and considered terrorists, it hasn't been easy for the Conners the last few years, but it's about to get harder. Now the terminators are back. After meeting a very attractive (what he thought was) girl at his new school in New Mexico, John is attacked by a T-888 (not 800 [damn copyright issues]) known as Cromartie. Cameron saves John in the traditional fashion of just seconds before John gets his ass handed to him. John and Cameron then go to retrieve Sarah back at the house where Cromartie is holding Sarah hostage and waiting for them. Cliche robot fight occurs with lots of throwing and styrofoam wall breaking. Now free, Sarah blasts Cromartie with a shotgun a few times but suprisingly (it shouldn't be by now) conventional firearms don't do FUCK ALL to something made out of metal.

Cameron manages to stop Cromartie for the time being and they make their getaway. They then head toward the center of the universe otherwise known as Los Angeles because that is where everything important has happened or will happen. Unable to gain information from Miles Dyson's widow of how Skynet will still form, Cromartie finds them and again must make an abrupt getaway. After making a very narrow escape, Cameron decides that they must head to a bank where there is a time machine hidden, and jump eight years into the future (seriously?) to avoid any other threat and to search for Skynet. It's only the reasonable thing to do.

Time Displacement Equipment

Yes, in the Terminator universe this is completely reasonable.

The Connor clan stops Cromartie one last time (Sarah knocks his block off) before making their jump to the year 2007.

Finding and Fighting Skynet

The central plot of the show is about the same as the movie before, to stop Skynet before judgement day. Only this time they don't know who or what company creates the spiteful super computer. Week after week the Connors eat pancakes then investigate leads into who could be developing the A.I. or who could be funding its construction, all while avoiding any terminator that the future Skynet has sent back to ensure its own existence. Oh ya and lets not forget John attending high school with an attractive, overprotecting terminator posing as his sister. And you thought your teenage years were fucked up.