Cannibalism is one person eating another person, and not in a fun way.

Just The Facts

  1. Like Necrophilia, cannibalism is sometimes done for religious reasons.
  2. Some people practice cannibalism out of a need to survive. Others just like the taste.
  3. Eating a vegan isn't cannibalsim. Vegans are fruit.

Cannibalism in History

Cannibalism is believed to have been around about as long as there have been people to practice it. In many cases it was done for survivial or for some weird -ass religious belief, but in many cases it was simply to freak your enemy the fuck out.

Cannibalism in WWII

WW2 was a shit war for everyone in Europe; more so for the eastern europeans than anyone. This is mainly due to the fact that everything east of Germany is an arctic armpit in the winter. The siege of Stalingrad lasted for 872 days; during which time the Russians had to put together an Anti-Cannibalism task force because it became such a problem. This was because in almost 3 years of being in that frozen asshole of a city, seperated from the rest of the world, they had managed to eat every bird, rat and pet in the city.

Showing how fucking hardcore the Finns are, they had managed to make life suck for invading Russian soldiers to the point that the Russians were eating their own people. Either that or Russians resort to cannibalism if they have to wait in line for a Big Mac. We aren't sure.

Skin. Human skin.

Finnish soldiers showing off the skin they found of a cannibalized Russian soldier. If this isn't the most disturbing thing you have seen all day, we don't want your fucking job.