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The Begining

On the slim chance you didn't type "Led Zeppelin" into the Cracked Search Engine like I just fucking said then just click this link:


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Of Course you could just like reading whatever inane drivel I'm typing at the moment and think to yourself "Self - I'd really rather be playing Halo right now" but you don't - you know - have an XBox so you could just click the following link and read a really cool topic page on Halo that includes naked pictures of the blue chick, Kortana, who's in the game:


Of Course if Halo isn't your thing and you'd rather be a Jersey Mobster then you can get your freak on with this Topic Page on The Sopranos:


If none of this sounds good and you'd prefer a blowjob, but your jaw is still sore - you can check out this most hilarious article on Oral Sex:


What? - You're still here?

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