Those little asshole yellow things that sting the living shit out of you when you blink too hard! God Damn Wasps!

Pictured: the face of evil.

Wasps live in paper houses or some shit

Jewel Wasps are assholes too! They make zombies! How fuckin crazy is that shit!?

Just The Facts

  1. God Damn Assholes! All flyin around in your face and shit
  2. Wasps get pissed off for no damn reason and launch full out assaults
  3. They live in stupid paper mache houses made with spit and stuff.
  4. Did I mention they sting the fucking shit out of you??

Nature Fucking Steve on Wasps

Wasps are flying little demon cobras that sting you and shit. They got like six legs or something and an "exo-skeleton," big fucking deal I've got an endo-skeleton. They got big wings that go BZZZBZBZBBBZZZ in your damn face and it'll scare the hell out of you and then they sting your ass like a thousand times. Yeah that's another biological feature: they have goddamn venom filled ass daggers. I dunno why the hell evolution deemed this necessary, I guess just to piss people off.

So wasps pretty much live anywhere and everywhere it is inconvenient: Porches, under cars, old logs, in your goddamn walls! They get like 20,000 of their asshole friends together and build a gay paper mache house. I saw on the discovery channel they make it with spit and old newspapers or some shit like that. Here's a picture:

Wasp Mansionhttp://technabob.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/pinata_pinata.jpg

Some Shit Wasps Would Live In

Fucking wasps are assholes. If you ever see a wasp just fuckin drop kick that son of a bitch. If a wasp ever gave me shit I'd be all like "Hey! Fuck you wasp!" Then I'd punch that bastard right in the goddamn face hole. You just can't reason with wasps. Their entire goal in life is to just bring hell and havoc to everybody. Wasps are worse than those goddamn nazi zombies on Call of Duty all fuckin' comin' in through your windows to molest you and shit. Hey, that's a good idea. Carry a fucking sawed off shotgun around and show those wasps who's fucking boss.

This has been Nature Steve with another helpful and insightful look into our animal kingdom. The world around us is a beautiful thing, until it fucks with you.