The most fucking awesome show about blowing shit up. Oh, and there's education, too! Take THAT school! Science is awesome!

Just The Facts

  1. Mythbusters has been airing on Discovery since January 23, 2003
  2. They have solved over 300 myths in that time, many of which were never attempted on television
  3. The "shop" where the takes place is a special effects studio known as M5

Who are the Mythbusters?

Who are they?
In a word, Badass

Jamie Hyneman

Also known as the "man in charge", Jamie is the CEO of M5 Industries. He doesn't seem a man of science when his resume contains such things as wilderness survival, scuba diver, boat captain, linguist, pet shop owner, animal wrangler, machinist, concrete inspector, and chef.

And he beats the shit of sharks. What did YOU do with your life?

Because nobody really likes their boss, Jamie gets "gentle" ribbing from the team, mainly by his cohost, Adam, for being a Walrus. He's fairly calm, logical, and a neat freak, quite opposite to Adam. This makes them perfect to appear on CSI to solve a murder.

"It appears the show is 20 times more awesome with us appearing."

Adam Savage
This is Adam

Unlike his cohost, Adam is delightful, energetic, and animated. His father being an animator for Sesame Street, he got to voice act, act, and do special effects before the age of 5. His background includes animation, graphic design, carpetry, film, tv, set and toy design, and being a gallery owner.

He has some serious free time. Just look at his steak.

Grant Imahara

In every team of nerds, there is what all nerds strive to be; THE ULTRA NERD. Grant is that nerd, with a seemingly endless knowledge of robotics, computers, and electronics.

Here he is gutting R2-D2

Grant's special effects experience was used on Van Helsing, Matrix, and Star Wars. Getting the spot on Mythbusters was odd, as himself and the two hosts battled on robot wars. Funny enough, his robot made it through while theirs was deemed "too dangerous".

Seems fine to me.

Tory Belleci

A promising future was apparent to the young Tory, as the young builder started where most nerds never dream: flame throwers and molotov cocktails.

He built this?

His work with the mythbusters is to be a dare devil, doing some of the more cooler stuff like jumping off buildings, breathing underwater using a small tube, and, most popular, jumping a wagon with a bike.

And not doing so well, over and over and over...

Kari Byron

Notebly the only mythbuster with tits, Kari is the artist of the group. She was wanting to be a mythbuster so much, that her first day as a paid employee, they modeled her ass.

For scientific purposes, of course

Being the only mythbuster not having any tv or special effects experience, she's known for doing art and being a model. The most famous one was posing FHM magazine in a red bra and panties.

For scientific purposes, of course

Please, don't try this at home

At the beginning of every show, they have a disclaimer saying not to try this at home. Obviously, because if someone did, they totally told them not to.

If you do try this at home, don't blame us. Blame the ULTRA NERD.

The show then debunks myths of all shapes and sizes, figuring out if there's nothing to worry about, or you need to buy a lifetime supply of bubblewrap to put around yourself. They also have a middle ground, where they can't find enough to prove or disprove a myth, calling it "I don't fucking know."

Like UFOs.