De-motivational Posters

I've grown agitated by the plethora of Motivational Posters in office settings. I'm not really sure why owners, managers or people in general feel they work. Images from

Many of my supervisors and managers held this belief - curse them all.

When nobody is willing to make the effort, companies will just fire people at random.  Their thinking is that FEAR will get the survivors to step it up.

When all else fails, they hire an outsider to cause a greater snafu than before.

Just The Facts

  1. Motivational posters are worthless and instill nothing but annoyance and anger.
  2. If your company needs a boost in moral, change out the posters for demotivational ones and just watch.
  3. If you need a motivational poster to inspire you, don't worry. Your job will become obsolete because a computer program or foriegner will replace you.
  4. Do motivational posters really motivate anyone?

De-Motivational Posters work.

Here are my thoughts about Motivational Posters - Oh look, here's a beautiful picture of a golf course. Let's write an inspiring message with a catchy title to make everyone working in the cubicle maze think they're leaders in their own destiny rather than realize they are the company's property.

I worked at a job that had these posters displayed every 100 to 200 feet from each other. Every office manager had one that they picked out to express their positive outlook on life.

You know what? Most of us didn't strive to work in a 5x5 cube. I kept visioning Office Space in my head when I'd walk down the halls with all the plastic smiles on these middle-managers who were one step away from jumping off the deck, five stories up.

If you were to swap out those crappy "Good Job Guy" posters with ones at or by creating your own, people might pay attention at their job.

I mean if you have a poster that has a ship in the middle of a sea storm with the title "FEAR" and the words "Until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore, you will not know the terror of being forever lost at sea" - people will work harder because you're being honest with them.

The honesty that if they don't step it up, they'll find themselves on the unemployment line and last I checked, several cities and states are cutting back on those benefits too. Confuse them and make work enjoyable.

How about simply going up to each employee and cubicle-jockey and say "Hey, thanks for coming into day and doing a good job" and MEAN IT. Most bosses don't realize that an "Atta Boy" or "Atta Girl" go a lot further than some crappy poster saying GOALS - what one strives for after putting just one foot forward.

If you're smart, you have to hate these things and you must do something. Have a small coup at work and pull down these motivational posters and throw them away. Replace them we demotivational ones. I bet the bosses will not notice a thing.