Randy Rhoads

The best guitarist to walk this earth.

He reinvented the guitar dude

Just The Facts

  1. Didn't do drugs. But played so fast that normal people have to do cocaine.
  2. Owned several guitars. His favorite was a gibson les paul and a karl sandoval custom vee.
  3. Died at the age of 25.
  4. Better than Zakk Wylde
  5. Better than everybody.
  6. Started Quiet Riot.
  7. Makes the guitar his bitch.
  8. Helped launch Ozzy osbournes solo career.

Why he is the best.

Randy Rhoads is the best because he kicked so much ass in his short lifetime that are calculators cant even measure it. He also influenced alot of other good guitar players today. If there was no Randy Rhoads Metal wouldn't be as cool. For Fuck Sakes the guy wrote Diary of a madman and Blizzard of Oz.