Texas is the 2nd largest state after Alaska but who gives a fuck about Alaska? no one that's who . Texans have more pride then you will ever fucking comprehend.

or we will execute you,and enjoy it very much

all of are women look about like this.

For you ladys all our men look as such. (except less homoerotic)

Just The Facts

  1. Nearly anyone in any country WILL reconize the shape of texas.
  2. Everything is bigger in Texas, and Texans do not believe anything outside of Texas is important.and to hell its not.
  3. Texas executes more people per year than any other state and takes great pride in it.
  4. Texas has the second largest population of people in the United States.
  5. Texas has the 1st largest population of racist .
  6. Texas has about the 16th largest gpa . (we have lots of money for you slow people.)


texas is the second largest state in size (sq mi) and population (about 21,000,000) but the 1st in pride,also prejudice. (get it?) .Texas had its start as a part of the country of mexico so its early population consisted of native texas and dirty mexicans(thats the texan in me). as time went on other countrys tried to get a grasp on texas. mexico didnt take kindly to this kick int the balls and started making missions throughout the state to establish a type of control. the french among other nationality including spanish,american,european settlers there was the natives who also didnt like those white assholes getting all up in there shit. so they started fucking with the settlers by raiding and killing people in settlements.with the increasing attention the land recieved the more the more people came,a common sight in the late 1700s and early 1800s were signs bearing the acronym g.t.t. or gone to texas. once a few hundred settlers got there they decided hey why should those dirty tequila drinking mesxins have this place? so they started the fight for independince from mexico within 15 years texas was a republic. it was called the rebublic of texas. becuese you know they were very original back in those days.