Rush is a Canadian progressive rock band originally formed in 1968. The current band members are Geddy Lee (bass guitar and lead vocals), Neil Peart (drums), and Alex Lifeson (lead guitar).

Rush in concert.  Not pictured:  choir of angels known to appear during particularly enthusiastic performances of

Just The Facts

  1. Rush is currently in 4th place behind The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith in most consecutive gold and platinum album sales by a rock band.
  2. At least 2 of the 3 band members are considered to be among the most talented musicians to play thier instrument.
  3. In spite of their talent and impressive sales statistics over their almost 40 year music career, Rush has never experienced mainstream success.

Geddy Lee

Born Gary Lee Weinrib, he followed in the steps of many Hollywood elites and opted for a stage name that sounded "less Jew-ey". Many critics of Rush have been especially critical Lee's singing voice, which falls somewhere between "tornado siren" and "banshee wail".

Geddy Lee during his brief time in the X-Men.

Geddy Lee during his brief time with the X-Men.

On stage he is a virtuoso, performing lead vocals, alternating between bass guitar and keyboards, triggering syntesizers via foot pedals, performing open heart surgery, and solving Fermat's Last Theorem.

Neil Peart

Neil Peart has served as Rush's drummer and primary lyricist in all albums except the band's first studio release. As a lyricist Peart is heavly inspired by fantasy and science fiction, as well as the writings of libertarian super-heroine Ayn Rand and other works of literature and poetry. This has not exactly helped the band in terms of commercial success.

Neil Peart, as viewed by a Rush fan.

Neil Peart is also considered to be one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. His stage kit features 360 degrees of percussion intruments sitting on top of a rotating platform. While some consider this to be excessive, but those who have seen Peart in a live performance consider it to be fucking awesome.

You bet your ass he uses every single one.

Alex Lifeson

Alex Lifeson is a talented guitarist, however the iconic status given to fellow band members Geddy Lee and Neil Peart has not been equally bestowed upon him. Very rarely does a lead guitarist find himself playing 3rd fiddle to the bassist and drummer, but such is the fate of Lifeson.

At least he beat up a cop one time.

Profile of a Rush Fan

Rush has three major segments of their intensely loyal fanbase.

  • Musicians. Aspiring bassists look to Geddy Lee and aspiring drummers look to Neil Peart as role models and true masters of the art. They can be seen enthusiastically air-guitaring at any given Rush concert.
  • Nerds. To them, Rush is a Holy Trinity sent by the gods of Olympus to teach the people of Earth how to rock. They listen to Rush during thier 14 hour Dungeons and Dragons sessions, and during thier 5 minute masturbatory interludes.
  • Non-conformists. They listen to Rush because you don't listen to Rush. They see past the bullshit conformist record labels who have no respect for the prog-rock genre. Don't even get them started on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (seriously, don't, you'll regret it).