Cheaters is a show that takes advantage of people who are too poor to hire a private detective and too dumb to know if their significant other is balls deep in a stranger every Tuesday night without hiring one.

Typical Cheaters Couple.  Imagine this woman saying,

Just The Facts

  1. Contestants must not reach average score in IQ test.
  2. Alcohol will be involved.
  3. If you want to be on the show and passed the test above, you're ready! Find the link below that says, "Submit your case to Cheaters."
  4. Submit means "turn in," like homework.

What Is Cheaters?

As you can imagine, anyone willing to be led into a possible assault by the effete Joey Greco who is useless for anything beyond sounding like he's masturbating when he clearly is not, is pretty damn dumb. This is a show that satisfies the deep, unexpressed need to see people who are already missing teeth lose more and to laugh at mental midgets as they are deeply wounded by infidelity.

Cheaters does an incredible job of erasing whatever humanity you might perceive in its contestants by seeing to it that Greco responds with empathy at the most inappropriate times eliciting blind rage or tearful despondence from those cast in that week's episode. Normally these two reactions can be seen by the two halves of the couple in question.

It is your chance to see doughy women scream in the back of minivans as they are held in place by Greco who likes to wait until the spied on boyfriend is getting his dick wet for maximum effect.

It's your chance to watch those people you see at WalMart and wonder what their sordid lives must be like in a poignant live-action setting.

It's your chance to lose your faith in the human race as you realize that these are the people who are breeding.

Another perennial consistency is that the other man or women can be counted on to behave with indignation. While the majority of the people reading this would likely react with shame or regret when confronted by Greco's spotlights and the Cheaters camera crew when caught inflagrante in the back of a pickup truck or in a dive motel, those captured by the Cheaters cameras can be counted on to holler insults at the cuckholded party, often adding injury to insult by physically assaulting the offended party.

Tune in, zone out and enjoy!